We are planning to spend a few days in Burlington, Vermont. Can anyone suggest an allergy aware restaurant there? Thanks.
I don't often come to the restaurants section at PA.com but I did today and noticed today that several commented on restaurants that use peanut oil to fry in and for other uses. I hate to admit that...
I've been having reactions about once everyday for the last 4 days. Today I went to Longhorn Steak house and ordered Parmasan Crusted Chicken. Once the food hit the back of my throat I instantly felt...
Are the soft pretzels at Target safe for peanut allergy? What about egg allergy?
Today we were at applebees. We never eat desserts in restaurants. But, today I asked the waitress about their ice cream sundaes. I explained the PA situation. I asked if they served any ice cream...
Does anyone have experience eating at Smashburger, either positive or negative? My husband and I recently ate there and I asked questions to the on duty manager and it sounds okay, but I would like...
Hello All, I've been eating fast food for many years, and have never had an issue with the ice cream at Wendy's, BK, McDonald's. However, I stopped by BK to use the restroom the other day, and...
Has any one had a reaction at KFC? My PA son had a reaction after eating chicken and mashed potatoes and gravy there. I called the manager and she read me the ingredients, but there were no peanut...
They use peanut oil in most of their food including pancakes. While the allergy information is on the main menu (although in fine print) it is not on the children's menu nor are their any other...
I know this has had its own post before, but the Peanut Butter Cup McFlurries are back. I was at a McDonalds in New York today and saw it. I will write a letter to McDonalds tomorrow and keep you...
Some friends took me out to dinner. When I first came in, I saw a big yellow cautions sign that read "CAUTION: PEANUTS AND PEANUT DUST IN THE AIR" and I immediately started to feel sick. (It's great...
My sister recently had an allergic reaction to peanuts while eating a cheese pizza with her friends at Boston Pizza. Her friend ordered the Thai pizza which has some type of peanut sauce on it and...
I want to give Zaxby's 2 thumbs up! I do not usually eat here. I had not eaten here before this exp. But I wanted to try one of there milkshakes. My son is PA child. So I was on the computer looking...
Hi! I'm fairly new to the board so I'm not sure if anyone has posted about the outback before...I was just wondering if people had good or bad experiences here? I emailed the company and they...
I have been visiting this board as a reader for about 2 years now and this is my first post. My 4 year old son has allergies to Peanuts, Tree Nuts and eggs and tonight I called this establishment to...
Hi everyone, We are travelling to Duluth Minnesota and are wondering if anyone has had safe restaurant experiences there. Where have you eaten? Our son in ana to peanuts and tree nuts. Thanks!
Hi all, I was wondering if anyone here from UTAH knows of any safe restaurants for a child with PA and avoiding all TN in salt lake city or Park city?.. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.....
Does anyone know of any PA aware restaurants in Lancaster, PA? DH wants to take DS to see my nephew play basketball tonight and will need to find a restaurant nearby as it is 1.5 hours away from...
Went to BD's for the first time since diagnosed with peanut allergy. They have an allergy friendly policy listed on their menu. They serve peanut sauce as a choice so I was worried how I would work...
Here is what I am worried about: the companies do not have to label for cross-contamination, or made in a peanut free facility. We are finding that alot do not mark for these. My concern with...

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