I have been contacting some restaurants lately and I am posting a few of the responses. Dear Sara: Thank you for patronizing Frisch's Big Boy Restaurants. In response to your questions regarding your...
Hi - My son as a Peanut and Tree Nut Allergy - I have one DR that says that Peanut oil is fine in fryer - one that says don't risk it - what do you think? Would you give your child that has a tree...
I underdstand that the general opinion is that Dunkin Donuts is not safe, so I called them and asked about their products. They said they don't make products with peanuts or tree nuts in the stores...
thanks for all the replies it was very much appreciated!!! [This message has been edited by patsav (edited February 23, 1999).]
My son is 5 and has a severe PA and we are going to Panama City Beach next week and was wondering if there is any where we should avoid!!
Our son was diagnosed when a baby with peanut allergy. Now 12, he has started having some kind of reaction/sensitivity to mexican restaurants -- the family owned kind. Taco Bell is fine. But any...
I have a son that is allergic to PN/TN, and is almost 4. How do you guys deal with going out to dinner, or weddings, or family events with food? I am deathly afraid of going out to a family dinner, I...
hi I live in Missouri. We found a restaurant around us that takes the extra mile for people that has PA. I was so surprised about this. When we first walked in I thought we would have to leave...
Hello. I'm moving to Singapore for work in the next few weeks. I have a peanut allergy but avoid all nuts. I have some concerns about how easy it is to avoid nuts while in Singapore, especially as...
My son is 10 and is allergic to peanuts and other tree nuts (pretty much everything but pecan) at varying levels. He was diagnosed at 5. He is also allergic to other things like beans and sesame....
Kansas City residents - does anyone know of "safe" restaurants for my 2 year old son to eat at? Allergies - Peanut, Egg & Soy.
I was a restaurant recently and felt really embarrassed about asking question about the specific ingredients to cook their food. I was just really nervous because my friends mother has some really...
I did a search on this and to my surprise there was nothing. Does anyone know if Popeye's chicken is safe for PA/TNA? Going on vacation this summer and they have a Popeye's where we are going and dh...
I was wondering if anyone knows of any good restaurants to eat at in Los Angeles that offer peanut-free menu choices?
Hi, Yesterday we learned that my five year old daughter has a peanut allergy. It's very overwhelming!! I've been reading so much stuff on the internet, going crazy at times. We live in upstate NY...
When our family eats out we ALWAYS go to Kelsey's here in Canada. (they have many locations, our favorite one is in Medicine Hat, Alberta). The staff go above and beyond with caution. We always call...
Has anyone recently reviewed chickfila's allergy info page on their web site? It makes a pretty bold statement that refined peanut oil is 'non-allergic' and thus should be considered 'safe'. They...
I was at a Panera Bread store recently, and asked about their products and explained my son's allergy (PA). The gentleman behind the counter was very helpful and pointed out to me the over the...
Hello everyone - here's my question - I would like some input from those with Peanut/Tree Nut Allergy children to give me an idea of what they would consider safe foods at restaurants..do we feed...
My family just got back from Disneyland, and for anyone taking a trip there to find out if anywhere you eat in the park has food that is safe or not - just ask for the Lead (supervisor) at whatever...

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