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Taco Bell Safe? I tried to find a good thread on TB,

Taco Bell Safe?

I tried to find a good thread on TB, but haven't found anything specific to that restaurant....anyone had any problems with it? My son is becoming more adventurous and we just want to be safe....thanks!

By Mija2u on Tue, 09-30-14, 01:52

I was told by an employee of Taco bell that all of their fried foods where made in peanut oil.

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By [email protected] on Wed, 07-09-14, 00:25

You can find Taco Bell allergy information here: http://www.tacobell.com/nutrition/allergens

We've eaten here for 9 yrs without incident. Last year there were frozen drinks that were may contains but I don't believe they are on the menu anymore. The food has never had any peanuts or tree nuts.

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By rudy117 on Wed, 06-04-14, 13:09

I have found Taco Bell to be safe, but not all of the menu items are. We order the quesadillas and they are safe. The fruit smoothie drinks didn't use to be safe and I don't usually bother with desserts.

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