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Hello there! Does anyone know any restaurants that are

Hello there!
Does anyone know any restaurants that are great at accommodating peanut/tree nut allergies? I haven't eaten out a lot because I'm scared of what might happen. I just picture the worst scenarios in my head...better safe than sorry right? Thanks for the help!

By mj mom on Mon, 06-02-14, 21:31

We live in NY and 99 Restaurants have been great for us. They have a print out allergen list on their website and have special computers that will log your allergy. Just tell your server--the computer log works in every part of the restaurant and supposedly red flags meals that aren't safe, even for the cooks in the kitchen. They also donate to FARE every year too.

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By Pamela S Hughes on Mon, 05-12-14, 03:04

PF Chang is amazing! My PA son is so severe, we are very careful - PF Chang has a full PA guide and the Manager and wait staff were so attentive to our needs. It was our first time ever to an Asian cuisine restaurant and was a huge step, so sweet (plus the good was so good).

Stay away from East Coast Wings - I already checked before about peanut but the menu has several new items now. When I explained that our son had a life-threatening peanut allergy and asked if they had started using peanut oil or peanut in any new items, I asked if they could check and let us know. She came back and said (verbatim)' "We really don't know." That's a first. I have never gotten that answer. The people who work there checked and they don't know. I could've delved more but what's the point - my trust was already void. I like their food for people with no allergies, but the service at this one spot has always been lacking. Really nice people but lacking.

Golden Chick fast food is peanut free. Not healthy but a yummy PAsafe treat. :)

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By semohun on Sun, 05-11-14, 19:10

Cafe gratitude has locations throughout California. It's a vegan restaurant that uses tree nuts but no peanuts because of the high health risk they pose (the mold on peanuts, which affects practically every peanut, is cancerous), and it's a wonderful healthy restaurant with food that makes u feel happy and good (all local organic ingredients). That's my favorite restaurant. Also, authentic Italian, Japanese and Greek food never contains peanut ingredients so those are safe bets. Authentic French food is also generally peanut-free. Stay away from chain restaurants, never eat at a Thai or Chinese restaurant, and stay away from any restaurant with employees who have poor English speaking skills (unless you are fluent in the language the employees speak and can communicate your concerns effectively). California cuisine also generally uses no peanut ingredients. The nicer the restaurant, the more helpful the employees will be with helping to accommodate you. I stay away from any restaurant that uses any peanut ingredients or any peanut byproduct ingredients. And never order food with any tree nuts or dried fruits, as most of them are made in facilities tha also use peanuts. There are restaurants that are safe, just make sure to do your research and make sure that the employees are friendly and helpful in accommodating you! I used to never eat at restaurants until I learned that there are safe places out there :)

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By Pkvvclark on Tue, 04-15-14, 23:45

Where are you? The Lobster Boat in NH is. TOTALLY PA free even the desserts!

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By Bepeople on Mon, 04-14-14, 16:00

Ooi I also do that with that disgusting. I also imagine spending Furniture frightful. ga leather and said it all. Here I worry all those who will eat and use it. I recommend the imagined safety enforcement stops for everyone

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By jusmith on Tue, 04-08-14, 17:10

AVOID FUDDRUCKERS!!!!!! Dangerous!!!1 As parents of children with allergies we should join together to boycott restaurants that have no consideration for food allergies. I have asked Fuddruckers to reach out to the network for educational classes with RUDE response. Don’t let this happen to you! My daughter who attends college in DC went into Fuddrukers & asked what she could eat she has a peanut & tree nuts allergies? The cashier & Manager suggested a salad, NEED I SAY MORE, she almost died. Lets choose those who are responsible.

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By tep55 on Fri, 04-04-14, 04:56

Thi may fall more into a "Traveling with PA Bucket" but the Walt Disney World sit-down / formal restaurants are sensational!

I have taken my family to WDW on several vacations, stayed on property and purchased the meal plan (this is known as "feeding the mouse"). When you make your sitdown dinner reservations (only 6-months in advance) you let them know you are a PA / TN sufferer. At every location the chef would come to our table to talk with me, advise me regarding any foods that are off-limits, typically make recommendations and assure me my food will be prepared carefully. From a vacation ease of mind perspective - I never feel safer.

You do need to be careful at the walkup locations at WDW but that's no different than anywhere else you go - you must keep your guard up and make great choices.

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By saramy on Thu, 03-20-14, 08:57

Oh, there are so many allergies like you, I also very roots are allergic to it, I think it is best to call and speak with menu restaurant. Wishing you delicious meals.

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By Pamela S Hughes on Thu, 03-13-14, 17:33

Call before you go to be sure they don't use peanut oil - higher risk of cross-contamination in the kitchen if they do. Also, we always ask for the manager because they will be sure all is taken care of in the kitchen and with wait staff (usually :)..

Chili's has a nut free/ peanut-free print-outs and are well versed in food allergies. Also Applebees!

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By TheJills27 on Thu, 03-13-14, 17:19

P.F. Chang's, hands down. They are the best! Cheesecake Factory is also pretty good.

Avoid Outback! My p/tn daughter found a cashew in our cheese fries. Thank goodness she was looking at her food before putting it in her mouth! Management was very unsympathetic or concerned. So, we don't eat there anymore regardless of the location.

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