Restaurant Safety Bill In NY

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By Colleen's Mom on Thu, 08-12-04, 18:24

I have good news to share. On June 21, the NY Assembly passed a bill that
will require food service establishments to have present a person
trained and certified in safe and proper handling of foods. Among the
topics that must be covered in the training is food allergies. You can
view this bill by visiting [url=""][/url]

The Senate Rules Committee is now considering the Senate version of the
bill, which can be viewed at [url=""][/url]
The members of the Rules Committee are as follows:
Bruno (Chair)
Marchi (Cosponsor)
Padavan (Cosponsor)
Smith, A.

If any of you live in a district represented by one of these committee
members, I ask that you write or pay him or her a visit to express your
support for this bill. Even if your Senator is not on the committee, it
would be great if you could start sending your letters now, in case the
bill moves to the Senate floor when the senators get back from their

I have asked CSPI, FAAN and FAI to help us lobby this bill. While I have
no illusions that the bill will make it completely safe for our families
to eat out, it sure would be a vast improvement over what we have now.

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By Nutternomore on Fri, 08-13-04, 10:33

Colleen's Mom,

Bravo! Please do keep us informed...

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By nydl on Fri, 09-10-04, 14:08

Thanks for the update Colleen. Where in NY is this bill at? Is it in the city or in Long Island?

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By Colleen's Mom on Wed, 09-15-04, 20:31

If the bill is passed, it would require safety training for all food service establishments located in New York State.

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