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Resort in Mexico

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By mymbw8 on Fri, 05-23-08, 23:08

I'm looking for a safe resort to travel to in Mexico with our PA daughter. Probably would prefer a non all-inculusive type, but open to suggestions. Thanks for your help!

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By DWL on Sun, 10-19-08, 04:16

We are thinking of doing the same. Did you go and what would your advice be.

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By pasonj on Wed, 10-28-09, 03:43

I have considered Mexico many times over the years with my PA son. I have yet to go as I am mostly interested in the Mayan but can't seem to find good information regarding their hospitals there. I know they have several clinics but I would feel better if I knew we were a stone's throw away from a proper hospital.

If I may offer my 2 cents, I would be sure to bring along allergy dining card information in Spanish if your child will be eating at the restaurants. I find it difficult enough here in Canada to explain the difference between containing nuts and cross-contamination, I can't imagine trying to explain it in a foreign language.

I would also be interested in finding out how people have fared in Mexico. I don't generally have my son eat at the resorts we go to but he can have a handful of prepackaged things. I do wonder however, do they tend to cook with alot of nut products. We have to be careful with the airborne issue.


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By BestAllergySites on Thu, 10-29-09, 18:23

No advice on places in Mexico. I would most likely personally stick to a higher end place that caters to foreigners/americans.

I'd also be sure to bring/buy lots of packaged foods/snacks so you have options.

I would start with travel sites, find a place you might be interested in and then call.

I agree-it's best to locate nearest hospitals just in case and be sure you have your epi pens with you.

Have fun!

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