A Web search today turned up the following link to an AP article published in the Las Vegas Sun on June 20, 2003. Disappointingly, it appears on the basis of what's written that Tanox has given up...
Tanox Announces Start of Anti-IgE Clinical Trial in Severe Peanut Allergy HOUSTON, July 13 /PRNewswire/ -- Tanox, Inc. today announced the start of a Phase I/II clinical trial in severe peanut...
Looks like Europe here, but maybe NA will follow someday? [url="http://www.foodnavigator.com/news/news.asp?id=8445"]http://www.foodnavigator.com/news/news.asp?id=8445[/url] Jen
My thanks to Momma2boys who posted this in another area. I wanted to re-raise it more in a sense of preventing PA in future children. Since some of us hope to have more children and are looking for...
The Journal of allergy and clinical immunology can be accessed online. not all articles are accessable without an account. Very interesting stuff. Some info about the latest research in peanut...
I'm sure some of you have seen the website by dynavax. I think they will be the company to watch....I wrote to them inquiring about the future of clinical trials on the peanut vaccine....this is the...
I posted this in a reply about the YMCA, then decided that everyone might not see it there, so I thought I'd post it here too. Since so many of our PA children are also asthma sufferers I thought...
Has there been a study correlating RAST score with likelihood of an anaphylatic reaction? It would be a simple study. All you would need is a list of RAST scores of people only allergic to peanuts...
I thought you might find these articles from the April 8 issue of Medical Post interesting: [url="http://www.medicalpost.com/mpcontent/article.jsp?content=20030409_093625_3564"]http://www....
William has been offered a place on the first UK trial and I really need to know a little more about it. I contacted someone from the boards and she gave me loads of info and I am very grateful. (...
My 18 month old son has PA, and I had PA when I was a tike, but have since grown out of it. Does anyone have any info on Chiropractic care and it's ability to help with allergies? My allergist has...
Here is information about a Canadian conference of interest. I will be there and I hope that many of you will join me. The Asthma Allergy Information Association Conference:
Research study on t-cell's reaction to peanut protein: [url="http://www.parentcenter.com/news/?id=512529#story"]http://www.parentcenter.com/news/?id=512529#story[/url]
Excerpted from "Allergy and Asthma Report 2001", March 2001 issue DISCOVER magazine: "A declining exposure to infections early in life has been proposed to be one mechanism accounting for the...
Another BB I visit had a few members who went to the FAAN conference and heard the doctors speak about the new peanut allergy shots currently in trial (well, as soon as they stop fighting it will be...
I received the following
The new anti-IgE asthma drug Xolair, a joint venture between Genentech, Novartis and Tanox, did not win FDA approval. The BLA was returned with a request from the FDA for further study of possible...

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