This is an article written by Dr. Hugh Sampson in the December 2000 Journal of Pediatrics. [url="http://www.harcourthealth.com/scripts/om.dll/serve?action=searchDB&searchDBfor=art&artType=...
Dear Friends, It is 12 am and I can't sleep .I can not believe so many people are living the same nightmare we are with peanuts. Today I went to my nephews b-day party. His mother is around my...
Does anyone have information about or experience with Nambudripod's Allergy Elimination Treatment?
NOTE: Scroll down to the part about NUT ALLERGIES >>> PRESS RELEASE THE LANCET 655 Ave of the Americas New York, NY 10010 Article Requests: email to [email]c.shanley@elsevier.com[/email] or...
There is a branch here in my company that writes research reports on Immune and Inflammatory Disorders. I just sent the director an e-mail asking if she can research food allergies. She said only...
We have been in contact with the company which will soon be doing the advertising, promoting etc. about the clinical trials. Yes, Dr. Sampson tells us it is going slowly and more participants must...
A great article in The Toronto Star available online. Click on [url="http://www.thestar.com"]www.thestar.com[/url] and enter peanut allergy into search area. There are 2 article to choose from...
I was brousing another web site about allergies in general and there was a bit of information about a procedure to treat allergies (food allergies included) through acupuncture. When I asked the...
Hi, I'm a new arrival on this list. I'm the father of a 4 year old with PA and I'm glad to discover this source of information. My questions is: Just yesterday I happened to learn that an...
Since so many of us spend so much time worrying and feeling helpless about this horrible allergy, instead...why don't we take action and start raising money for the vaccine? I think we should all...
I just found this site today. I was looking to see if anything had been done about my allergy to peanuts and other nuts. I must say that I am touched by all of your concern for your children. I just...
This looks like an informative report: [url="http://doh.gov.uk/pub/docs/doh/peanut.pdf"]doh.gov.uk/pub/docs/doh/peanut.pdf[/url]
Juat as I thought things were going so well, Tanox decided they don't want to pay for my travel expenses to get to a test site after all. Apparently they will only pay travel expenses for one person...
Did anyone else read about this research? It was in our local paper last week. I thought it was interesting. It seems that our overly clean society could be one of the the reasons for the recent...
Last week I contacted Dr. Hugh Sampson (of the clinical research anti Ige trials for peanut allergy) asking where I could find medical literature pertaining to his studies. He responded: Dear Ms....
Tanox, Inc. Receives Grant From The Peanut Foundation for Clinical Studies On Peanut Allergies Pharmaceutical Company Conducting Patient Trials Across U.S. HOUSTON, June 13 /PRNewswire/ -- Tanox, Inc...
Here's a link to an article in the Cincinnati Enquirer about a possible treatment for intestinal problems caused by food allergies - won't help the breathing difficulties/blood pressure drop aspect...
I heard probly 5 months ago that their testing a vaccination on people in Colorado and in New York and it's a 6 months study. Does anyone know what thats about or what is coming of it?
Click on or go to this address: [url="http://www.bmj.com/cgi/content/full/320/7247/1441"]http://www.bmj.com/cgi/content/full/320/7247/1441[/url] ------------------ Stay Safe, [email]"Chris@...
Check out [URL=http://www.aaaai.org[/URL] It has a news release regarding outgrowing a peanut allergy. It's under the heading "New research on alternative therapies and food allergy" dated 3/7/00...

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