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Hi All- I just got back from my local supermarket (Northeast U.S.). I noticed a "NEW" flavor of Breyer's Ice Cream in the frozen section - PEANUT...
This summer we had season passes to Seasame Place (Langhorne, PA.) We packed my (PA and Egg Allergic) son's food, washed down tables, watched him...
Has anyone had any problems with lawn fertilizers....I have been told that some brands use peanut oil as an ingredient. If you have come across one...
The day Alex (21 mos) was skin tested for peanuts, I sat in the car and cried. His other allergies (wheat, milk, red meat, eggs, and lamb) are more...
Hi! If anyone is interested in starting up a Bruce County(Ontario) Support Group or knows of one already in progress, Please give me a shout...
The Food Anaphylactic Children Training and Support Association (FACTS) is an Australian non profit support organization dedicated to providing...
Does anyone have a recipe for no-bake cookies that I could use for a child who is to avoid peanut (not an anaphylactic response but supposed to avoid...
We were recently at a party where they served tortilla chips w/salsa. I looked at the ingredients for the chips and saw peanut oil. So my message...
check out the August 1998 issue of the Natural Health magazine it contains an article on the food allergy cure I have referred to on the main...

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