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One question I have been pondering is at what age is a child old enough to give themselves their own epi-pen injection if needed?
The Toronto Star ran a wonderful article regarding schools & peanuts. At the end of the article it even had a listing of acceptable foods to put...
I purchased Log Cabin Light syrup and used it on my son's waffles. He had the waffles a few days before with no problem. After minutes he told me,...
Parent complains about peanut butter ban (this is not the same Franklin School which our daughter goes to, it is in another town) article click on...
Our 3 yr old was exposed to peanuts and We gave her Benadryl and the Epipen before we rushed her to the hospital. There we sat for 5 hours waiting...
In September 8, 1999 Toronto Star is a great article titled "Potential peanut hazard lurks in school kids' lunch bags by Lynn Roblin. Her website is...
Please post articles etc. on the media discussion board and link to them from here on this thread if you can. Do not reply here on this board with...
Click on this link to go to the article [url="http://www.townonline.com/north/entertainment/parenting/009885_2_ask_011499_4602bd2db9.html"]http://...
Through an article in the Toronto Star today (sept 8 1999) I have found a website with very useful info on food manufacturers and their approach to...
A radio report today said that certain auto-injection allergy medicines made by American Home Products were being recalled because they did not...

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