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Rice Dream Vanilla Swiss Almond frozen pints have been recalled for possible contamination of peanuts. Here is a link: [url="http://www....
My son is 4yrs old now and had his first skin allergy test at 8 months which we found he is allergic to peanuts, eggs, and horse. He is scheduled to...
Maybe this is old hat for some but Burger King is a peanut free restaurant, and the kids love those meals with the little toy included.
On Sept. 7 1999 I posted information about a useful website I had found--unfortunately I did not provide the entire string of the URL required to get...
A lot of others have tried to make me feel guilty and overprotective... but you have to do what you have to do. Besides, I have met SO MANY...
My son, 2 years old, has a severe allergy to peanuts. We were wondering if anyone had any experience with Spirit Airlines. They emailed us that...
someone posted this on another board, i wanted to keep it organized. Here is part of their post>>> Hi there, I am a PA sufferer in Ireland...
Glad to say, there are a couple of choices in Canada for holidays. Air Canada does not serve peanuts. Canada 3000 also doesn't serve peanuts. As...
Here is the URL for a peanut free bakery in Newmarket, Ont. You can also order special wheat, egg and milk free breads over the internet if you live...
Hi. My daughter had a reaction to peanut butter at age 1. Hives on her face and neck and swelling. No breathing problems or gastro problems....

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