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Lately, I've been talking with several other moms of PA kids, and I've found a similar thread. It seems as though the parents of the kids whose past...
Hi, does anyone have a recipe for pumpkin pie? It can't have allspice in it either, he is allergic to that as well. Thanks in advance!!!!
At the 1999 American College of Allergy, Asthma & Immunology Annual Meeting held in Chicago, Nov 11-17th, among the New Findings in Food Allergy...
This topic has be raised before on this site but I thought I'd just remind everyone as this possible exposure has never be addressed in any of the...
Hi All, My son is allergic by ingestion and by touch to peanut products. Today at school they had face painting due to a pow-wow. I could have...
My noon PA daughter is having a Halloween party in her preschool and I have the pleasure of making one of the snacks. However, one of the children...
i just found this website and spent my whole evening reading it. I feel very anxious. My sons first reaction was at 1yr to eggs and dr had me give...
question for pa mothers, My son is 2 yrs old when you go to a party and there are nuts on the table do you ask the hostess to remove them or hope for...
This has been edited from the PeanutAllergy.Com Alerts and Food Recalls Board and posted here on the Labeling Board to help us work on this issue....
My son has a severe life-threatning allergy to peanuts and has a difficult time wearing his medic-alert necklace. He has a nickel allergy and when...

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