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Are there any efforts towards service dogs in US for PA/TNA children and adults?

The most recent issue of 'Cesar's Way' (October 2013) by Cesar Milan, the Dog Whisperer, had a very short article on a new service dog for a PA/TNA girl in the UK. This service dog has been taught to detect even trace amounts of peanuts or tree nuts and accompanies this girl everywhere. Prior to her new service dog, this girl had a history of multiple anaphylactic reactions to peanuts and nuts. The incredible olfactory abilities of dogs have been put to use in sniffing out bombs, drugs, cell phones, along with predicting seizures and changes in blood sugar in diabetics, among so many others, why not peanuts and nuts. Is anyone aware of a program in the US? This could be life saving for so many.

By vryoung on Wed, 09-11-13, 00:57


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