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Research at John Hopkins

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By doofusclo on Mon, 12-04-06, 18:07

I got a fund raising letter from John Hopkins and it included information on some current and planned studies they are partcipating in. If you don't go to John Hopkins you still might like to know what research they have planned. I am new to the board and don't know how to upload this information to the board so I will just type a line about each of the studies.
1. The Inner-City Asthma Consortium taking place at 10 centers, seeking to unravel the causes of and develope new treatments for asthma for inner-city children.
2. The Consortium for Food Allergy research, 5 centers, charged with the task of exploring the rise of food allergy and developing THE CURE.
3. Oral ummunotherapy for the milk at John Hopkins, seeking to develop a cure for persistent milk allergy, and the second phase starts in 2007.
4. The natural history of childhood food allergies (which is scheduled to run 10 - 20 years or until there is a cure) to study why some children outgrow food allergies and some do not.
5. Food allergy in adolesents and adults to study why this is the highest risk (has the most deaths) group what treatment approach is the most effective.
6. Treatment of food allergy with anti-IgE antibody therapy to study another potential treatment for food allergies.

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By jsmom on Tue, 12-05-06, 13:10

Thanks so much for posting this. It's very hopeful research. I didn't know they were doing milk immunotherapy. Is the newsletter online or is there a name/number of someone who we can contact about these studies?

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By doofusclo on Tue, 12-05-06, 14:36

There is no website information on this sheet. It does say for more information contact Jennifer Balzano at The John Hopkins Children's Center at 410 516 4513. I don't know if that is more info on these studies or on there fund raising.

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By MimiM on Fri, 12-15-06, 16:18

I just called and left a message on her voicemail. My son is a pt of Dr. Wood at Johns Hopkins and I would love to find out more about these studies...especially about the one regarding the vaccine!

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By MimiM on Thu, 12-21-06, 20:33

She called me back and it turns out that it is for fundraising. She basically gave me Dr Wood's email address to ask about participating in any studies but I would think that if they were trying to recruit people, the first thing they would do would be to send out a memo to their patients. My son is a patient of his so I would think he would have notified us by now.

In actuality, I don't think that they are in the process of recruiting people yet. I will ask him again at some point in the future though if I haven't heard anything.

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