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I will be taking my 4 year old PA son on a direct flight on Southwest Airlines in January. We called to make the reservations, and they flagged his...
I have been away from this board for several years. My name is Andrea and I used to be known as LaurensMom. I couldn’t resurrect my old username so,...
Three of the same chain grocery stores in our small town recently installed peanut and tree nut butter grinders in the health food section of the...
Does anyone that is treenut and peanut allergic eat safely at Boston Market? I have seen the allergen information they have on their website. My...
I recently went to the Boston Market for dinner, and when I asked what the food might be basted with, and told the person at the counter that I was...
Hi I was hoping someone here could help me. I am searching for a peanut free almond butter but I have been having trouble finding a brand that is...
Hello, is there any evidence to support that wearing a mask while flying improves your odds of not having a reaction? I always ask for a buffer zone...
Just moved to a new school district. Previous district provided a peanut free classroom and several other accommodations with no problem, it was not...
I'm trying to find nut-free/ safe grocery store finds for my little girl who allergic to all nuts and peanuts. What are some crackers, treats, etc...
Does anyone know if these pumpkin bites are manufactured in a plant that processes peanuts? Thanks, Kimberly

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