Redi Whip vs. Cool Whip

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By HJK on Mon, 11-13-06, 20:13

We would like to try some whip topping. Does any one use either Redi Whip or Cool Whip topping?

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By amyd on Mon, 11-13-06, 20:45

I have no idea about the allergy info on either of them. Redi-whip is the stuff in a can, right? That stuff generally tastes more like real whipped cream because it's made with actual dairy.

I always thought that Kool-Whip is non-dairy topping and it has a different, very sweet flavor. So if you have dairy issues that would be the obvious choice.



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By Jimmy's mom on Mon, 11-13-06, 21:24

Cool Whip is "non-dairy" but contains milk. It is called "non-dairy" because it is not milk or cream, but does contain a milk derivitive.
Reddi Whip is milk and cream (and sugar) that is whipped by nitrous oxide as it comes out of the can.
I like the taste of Reddi Whip (although homemade tastes better). But I use Cool Whip when I need it to stay fluffy for a long time.
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By ajgauthier on Tue, 11-14-06, 01:52

Another alternative is to make Dream Whip (a JELLO product).

It comes out like Cool Whip, but doesn't have that odd "cool whip" taste. To me, it seems like a really light homemade whipped cream. Tastes more like it.

It's a powder you whip with skim milk.


30-something survivor of severe peanut/tree nut allergy


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By Lindajo on Tue, 11-14-06, 14:54

I've used both with no problems. I prefer the Cabot whipped cream in the can over the Reddi Whip. Tastes so much better.

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By Lori Anne on Tue, 11-14-06, 19:16

We use both with no problem.

We love the French Vanilla Cool Whip. You can only get it at this time of year.



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