I am looking for Chinese recipies that are peanut, soy, nut and pea free. Does any one have any ideas of where to find such a thing and if such a thing exists. Thanks. Mary Lynn
We'd like to make our own chocolate at home. Here in Australia almost all chocolate is now appearing with a "may contain traces of nuts" message. It is impossible to buy Easter Eggs without it. So...
Hi, I thought I'd share this recipe. It uses no eggs! I haven't tried it yet, but friends say it is good! World's Easiest Chocolate Cake (Crazy Cake) 1
HI I know many on this board are dealing with PA and other like egg-free. ALLRECIPES.com has a special diets section where you can find many egg- free cookie /cake recipes. some have nuts the can be...
Hi, does anyone have a recipe for pumpkin pie? It can't have allspice in it either, he is allergic to that as well. Thanks in advance!!!!
My noon PA daughter is having a Halloween party in her preschool and I have the pleasure of making one of the snacks. However, one of the children is allergic to chocolate. I do not believe there...
Welcome to a world of egg-free, peanut-free, nut free recipes! Chocolate Cake
We recently received this in an e mail and I thought that by posting it and discussing it, that it would help others who are in similar situations. ------------------------------------- Hi, My...
Does anyone have a recipe for no-bake cookies that I could use for a child who is to avoid peanut (not an anaphylactic response but supposed to avoid)? My recipe has cocoa, butter, sugar, oatmeal,...
We tried the recipe today and Josh's evaluation of it is "they're GRREAT!" I did add a little more cocoa and we had to spray/grease the wax paper a little because they tended to get stuck. THANKS!!
My son really loves this Italian flat bread. He can't have it at the Macronie Grill I believe because of egg cross contamination. (They have peanut oil there too as my neighbor had reaction eating...
As we are finding more things my daughter is allergic to I am considering getting a breadmaker. Any thoughts, suggestions, comments, hints, ideas? Thanks.
Does anyone have any information about marshmallows? I know that Kraft sold their candy manufacturing business,so they no longer make the Stay-Puft brand, but packaging information on marshmallows...
This was emailed to us. Please post any iformation you feel will be helpful to her and anyone else reading this board. ------------------ [email]"Chris@PeanutAllergy.Com"[/email]
Okay, so since peanut butter is out of the question, what do other people use for sandwich spreads that's quick and easy and your kids like it? We are going to stay away from any nut spreads (like...
Snacks that I trust are Gerber's cookies and crackers. They make 4 kinds of cookies and one kind of cracker that I know of. They may be more expensive than "regular" cookies but is worth it. I never...

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