Does anyone have recipes for peanut-free chocolate icing or cakes? Is cocoa powder considered 'safe' or should that be treated the same as chocolate candy in terms of peanut contamination? Thanks!!!
Does anyone know of a safe store bought brand of crescents? Or a safe bakery in the Boston area that sells crescents? Or a really good, light, flakey recipe for crescents?
Hello everyone, I was wondering if anyone could help me with recipe question. My daughter is allergic to peanut/treenut, egg, wheat, dairy, among other less common things. I found a recipe for...
Can anyone reccommend any peanut free/safe halloween treats? Of course we avoid all candy but are there any known safe ones??? I think dumbo lollipops have been mentioned. Is anyone sure they are...
Is there a list somewhere to refer to for safe crackers? I understand that the original size Ritz is on a dedicated line, Nabisco Wheat Thins and Shaw's Wheat Thins, Pepperidge Farm cheddar and...
On page 251 some cupcake recipies for food allergic children. Capture reads "A cupcake for everyone...kids with food allergies don't have to miss out on dessert. One of these delicious cupcake...
I would like to give my son some variety for snack for school. (5yrs. old.) He saw some kids have the cheese & crackers in school. I think Kraft puts it out. It has soft cheese and some cracker...
I've noticed many PA kids - like my daughter - are also allergic to milk and eggs. Vegan foods don't contain milk or eggs because they don't contain animal products. Any suggestions on a good vegan...
Help!! I just bought a Krups ice cream maker and the recipe calls for 1 egg for vanilla or chocolate ice cream.I am not comfortable making this form egg allergic son. I am thinking of using one of...
The Government of Ontario sends out a newsletter to everyone every couple of months. In the last one, you were able to send away for something called Healthy Lunches for Kids. I was interested in...
I don't have any recipes, but according to Betty Crocker, their cakes and icings are peanut and tree-nut free unless otherwise stated. They are even very familiar with cross-contamination, and they...
Tonight my DH and I made chocolate lollipops that are so awesome and look store bought. they are safe for PA, TNA, dairy and egg allergic and soy and wheat allergic. check this out: 1 8 oz package of...
Does anyone know of a premade frosting that is Peanut AND Dairy Free?
I would like to substitute soy nut butter in a recipe which calls for peanut butter; however, I need to know how much more shortening I should use per cup. Does anyone know?
Here is an easy recipe you can do with your (older) kids. My son always liked the store-bought chocolate-dipped pretzels, until Cayley's diagnosis. They have a "may contain" warning on them. These...
My daughters and I were watching Zoom the other day. They had a cooking segment on where they were making "fun foods" with PB. They made a carousel, a mouse, and some other animal out of fruit,...
Sorry, double post! [This message has been edited by CarolynM (edited July 16, 2001).]
Hi. I am hoping that you can help me come up with some ideas. My daughter (now 2) is very eager to "help" in the kitchen, and LOVES to do anything like this. Problem is that all of the parenting...
Thank you all for your kind thoughts and excellent suggestions. It was an eye opener alright. This allergy was unheard of 20 years ago. Again, thank you.

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