I recently bought a container of "I.M. Healthy Soy Nut Butter" which is made totally nut free. The look, feel, texture are just like peanut butter. Kinda scary actually! My pa/tna son tried some on...
I'm hoping some of you with egg and peanut allergic children can help me. I'm looking for a recipe for egg-free waffles. Thanks!
If anyone has a recipe how to make sunflower seed butter (like in peanut butter) we would sure like too try it. thanks Linda
A lady I met recently who has a child with multiple food allergies recommended using a potato peeler for making sweet potato chips. I thought it was a great idea so I tried it myself. I just kept...
Here is the sugar cookie recipe my Mom always uses: (this is a double recipe) In a separate bowl, mix: 5 cups Gold Medal Flour 2 1/2 tsp. baking powder 2 tsp. salt In mixing bowl, cream 2 sticks (1...
Help! I am ready to give up! My family loves Macaroni and cheese and I can't seem to be able to find a recipe that works no matter how hard I try. Our favorites are the Clifton's Cafeteria and...
I posted this on the manufacturers' board but thought it would be helpful here. May be redundant info., but I always like recent info! I contacted Wilton by email and thought I would share my...
Hi, Anyone have any information regarding Fortune Cookies? Our son's class is doing a Chinese New Year project and they want to have FC for a snack. I can make some if I can find a recipie. I'm...
does anyone know if these are safe???
Hi! I am in search of a recipe for safe Gingerbread Cookies. My PA 4 yr olds preschool class wants to make them this week. They are learning the alphabet and since they are on the letter "G" this...
I should have posted this at Christmastime, but my cookie press does have heart-shaped and shamrock shaped disks, too. Ingredients: 4 cups flour 1 cup sugar 1 tsp. vanilla 2 sticks salted butter (...
I am looking for a recipe for Chocolate fondue that uses only cocoa not pre-made chocolate. Has anyone had a chocolate fondue with there PA child? Thanks
Does anyone know the brand-name of a safe hot cocoa or chocolate? My pa daughter's nursery school class is having a "hot cocoa and slippers day" in two weeks and I would like to be able to have her...
Okay, okay. I know this post sounds stupid because everyone knows the basics of french fries. But does anyone have preferences for good home-cooked french fries? Canola oil, olive oil, corn oil...
Does anybody know of a substitute for marzipan? I know that stuff is made with almond paste... I have a recipe for a cute birthday cake shaped like a teapot... so cute for my little girl. But, they...
Or do you have one that you can share? I got an Oregon Chai recipe off the Internet and changed it slightly to improve its taste. It's almost there, but if someone could tweak it a little more, or...
There is a website that has incredible cake designs on it with pictures and easy instructions----how to make a train, a rocket ship, you name it. i found the website on here 6 months ago but didn't...
Im getting ready to start baking and a recipe calls for honey anyone have any thoughts? Thanks kathy Ann
We got our daughter the Baskin Robbins ice cream maker for Christmas. It comes with mixes, but you have to add half and half. I have an ice cream maker myself, and its recipie call for half and...
Since my son's pa, I have looked for ways to make things from scratch. This is a yummy tomato soup recipe. Very easy with none of the other stuff in canned soup. Tomato Soup 1 (6 oz) can tomato...

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