We have started using fresh goats milk instead of rice milk. It is great! Tastes fine, I like it better than cows milk. I made flan last night and it turned out better than ever. Has anyone made...
Curious to know some delicious snacks,treats, cake recipes, etc. that a concerned mommy can make for her almost 2 year old son that has a severe PA/TNA and severe wheat/egg allergy. (also is...
Does anyone have a recipe??
I am new to PA. My daughter had her first reaction at 23 months old in January. We have no history of food allergy on either side of our family so I was blindsided by this. I did not know anything...
Has anyone tried the Sun Chips by Frito Lay?
A long time ago I cut out a recipe for Coconut Cream Eggs. I tried making this past week but found the cream filling to be to soft to shape into eggs so I used some PB-cup shaped molds and made...
Alright...for those of us who live with PA/TNA and all of these other food allergies along with it.... Ever wonder what it would be like to give your wheat allergic/egg allergic child some DOWN HOME...
I had fun with a fortune cookie recipe I found at [url="http://blackdog4kids.com/holiday/valentine/"]http://blackdog4kids.com/holiday/valentine/[/url] fortune3.html They brown evenly and taste ok,...
Hi, I am looking for a good recipe fpr croissants or a safe one to buy. Can anyone help out?
my friend has a son with a dairy protien allergy. Does anyone have any dairy free recipes? also what are all the 'hidden' names for anything dairy?
Could someone please post the FAAN recipe for chocolate chips? Thanks.
I found a no-bake cookie recipe that doesn't require PB and tastes good. It will work for wheat allergic and egg allergic people too. No-Bake Chocolate Cookies 1 cube margarine 1/2 C milk 1/2 C...
1 3/4 c. crushed strawberries 425 ml (I use chop on my blender, a little bit at a time. Some like jam chunky and some like it smooth so do it the way you want it.) 1 large orange, peeled sectioned (...
Girl Scout Mint Cookies 1 box Devil's Food Cake Mix 2 Eggs 2 Tbl. Water 2 Tbl. Cooking Oil 1/2 Cup Cocoa 1 pkg. Chocolate Chips...
Has anyone tried the candy kits by Discover Kids, Discovery, or Creativity Kits? I have one that makes lollipops and all ingredients are supposed to be completely safe. The Creativity Kit is one...
Does anyone have a recipe or know of a brand of egg-free, dairy-free mayonaise? I have tried Canoline mayonaise but my son had a reaction. I don't know if it was cross-contamination (they also make a...
My 2 year old son is allergic to all of the above(and soy also). He is an extremely picky eater and was never interested in cake until he went to a birthday party last week and I didn't let him eat...
Hey- who says you have to give up your career as a chocoholic? A treat to share with pretty much ANY kid! 1/2 c quinoa flour (amaranth will also work) 1/8 c + 2 tbs tapioca flour or arrowroot 1/8 c...
I recently bought a container of "I.M. Healthy Soy Nut Butter" which is made totally nut free. The look, feel, texture are just like peanut butter. Kinda scary actually! My pa/tna son tried some on...
I'm hoping some of you with egg and peanut allergic children can help me. I'm looking for a recipe for egg-free waffles. Thanks!

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