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We need to work so that "May Contain Peanuts" always means the same thing. It is now up to each individual manufacturer to decide how to use it. It...
Hi everyone, I have a 6 yr. old son is PA (anaphylaxis). Have any of you ever challenge tested your kids...why, when etc. I have been researching and...
We "buy" our sons' Halloween candy from them and take them to Toys R Us to purchase a more permanent "treat." I e-mailed them on their website (...
Has anyone ever been denied passage on a flight due to the allergy? This summer American Airlines forced my family to get off the plane because of...
???What precautions do you take on Halloween??? Our child in PB allergic.
I had to go to a wedding out of town and trusted a family member to watch my children including my PA son. I thought I had made it very clear to...
Hi, my name is Stephanie and my 16 month old son was just diagnosed with PA. He has only been exposed to peanut butter 4 times. The first 3 times...
My 2 year old daughter has had two reactions since she was born - both times she got immediate swelling and hives. Benedryl was administered and...
How do I obtain information on research being done on peanut allergies. A relitive wishs to donate money on behalf of my PA child, but she...
I live in AZ, my daughter rated very high (6) on her blood test for PA. Her doctor is an Allergy and Asthma specialist, and he suggested we see a...

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