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Hi Everyone. Hope all had a nice holiday. Sean, our peanut/egg allergic 16 month old, spent Easter in the ER and then was admitted for pneumonia...
There is a phone number to call when you get to the page for more info. [url=""]
As I'm pulling out all my pots and pans to prepare for Easter, I found an appliance I used to use frequently -- the toaster. My son was first...
I have a 1 year old daughter who has just been diagnosed with a life-threatining peanut allergy. I am so scared. I don't know what's safe and she...
Hi Chris, FYI-You were quoted in the April 6 "BioWorld Today" biotech daily newspaper. It was an article about the peanut vaccine and peanut...
We received this request for help: >>>I am trying to implement a peanut-free zone in our facility (Fitness Centre) because one of my...
This article was written by two parents in a support group. [url=""]
I could use some help. I daughter has been allergic for 5 years. Our doctor often calls me to visit with newly diagnosed parents.I am a nurse, and...
Does anyone know of any good booklets that are a fast and easy read that I can give to relatives and friends so they understand this is serious?...

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