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. [This message has been edited by Ginger (edited January 25, 2003).]
I was shocked to hear on Brokaw's program last week that EMT's could not administer epinephine. They are not authorized. His story indicated that a...
I was recently in Gap kids and purchased two waist or you can use it over your shoulder pouch. It has adjustable straps. It fits an epipen and a...
The "Food Allergy Network" reported in their recent newsletter about the major oversight in 911 Emergency Medical Services... some of them are NOT...
Hi, We are getting ready to make homemade ice cream this afternoon, and my recipe calls for Jello Instant Vanilla Pudding. When I was reading the...
There is a support group called the Halton Anaphylaxis Parent Group which meets once a month in...Halton(Burlington,Oakville area). If you are...
I was wondering if anyone has ordered a patch from the site [url="http://www.nuttinwithnuts.com?"]http://www.nuttinwithnuts.com?[/url] It says I...
Does anyone know how dangerous it is for a PB allergic kid to be sitting by someone eating PB? I worry about some kid talking while eating and PB...
Hi everyone. I'm working on a list of things to watch out for to give to relatives for our dd. It seems the list just keeps on growing. I've got the...
Hello: I'm a writer looking for information on the ban of peanuts on airlines, and I'm hoping you can help me find some information. Can anyone tell...

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