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My daughter was diagnosed at 31/2 with peanut allergies, that was a year and a half ago. Now, we have been to the ER twice. One for a soy related...
FYI, I called Wise today (800-426-7336) and consumer relations said all their snack foods are made in a peanut-free plant (potato chips, cheese...
Hi everyone, I am wondering what you consider safe. Do you consider same line products safe? Do you consider a product safe if it is on the same...
Here is a link to a thread on the Main Discussion Board that is about flying. [url="
My friends at school know about my peanut allergy but they never take it seriously. There have been countless occasions where they have waved...
As most of you have gathered from my previous posts, I have never had good luck with Evan's daycare taking his allergy seriously. Recently, Evan was...
My son vomits, usually within 10-15 min. after ingesting anything containing peanut. This has been our 1st warning that something is wrong if we don...
Since so many of us call manufacturers to ensure our food is safe for our allergic ones, I found a link from Nutribase listing various 800 numbers...
since we are so new to this, I wanted to ask your advise on cross contamination. How much of a concern should this be for a baby whose rast score...
I was wondering if anyone's child also suffers from asthma. My Sean has egg/peanut anaphylaxis and also seems to suffer from severe bouts of asthma...

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Where do you get your peanut allergy information?
The internet
My allergist
Friends or family
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