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Need Dessert for Son's Birthday Party

Hello. My eight-year-old son has a birthday party this weekend. I have met one of his classmate's parents, whom said their daughter has a peanut allergy. She RSVP'd yes, and so we are hoping to make a delicious cake or some sort of a dessert that is peanut-free. Suggestions?

By LGriffin1 on Fri, 06-14-13, 23:16

Ice Cream cakes are on my no list. It's like cake from a non dedicated bakery. The risk of cross contamination is too high. I use Betty Crocker cake mixes and their frosting. There is also a brand called safe for school providing its just a nut allergy. Enjoy Life also makes safe food like cookies. The biggest thing is to read labels and when in doubt say no thank you.

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By saturn23 on Wed, 06-05-13, 20:38

You could always go with popsicles or peanut-free ice cream since it is summer. Ice cream cakes are popular with kids, too.

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