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recipe for pretzels?

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By bonestable on Sat, 09-30-06, 13:39

My daughter is longing to try pretzels, but I cannot find any that are safe for her sesame and peanut allergies.

Does anyone have a recipe for pretzels??

(or can anyone suggest any to buy that might be safe)

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By Going Nuts on Sat, 09-30-06, 14:14

We've always used Rold Gold without any problems. My son is PA, TNA, SA as well.

If anyone knows whether these are no longer safe, please let me know!


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By beachfan on Mon, 03-05-07, 18:24

Energeez sp? makes a gluten free peanut free pretzel. I think they may have some that are sesame free.

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