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By Chris LaPlaca on Wed, 10-18-06, 09:41

Hi Everyone,
Rebecca and I are so excited to be in October 2006 issue of Money Magazine! We are in the "How I Did It" section on the last page. The magazine found the story of why I started Rebecca's Nut-Free (peanut & nut-free bakery) and thought the story was compelling, so they ran with it.

Thanks to all at Peanutallergy.Com for all of
your support.

Here are instructions to look at the Digital version of the magazine on line, which is really can "flip" through the pages. The last page pictures Rebecca and myself in our commercial bakery.


There are a few steps once you go to the magazine. Please read all instructions before going to the website. Thanks!

Paste this address into your browser: [url=""][/url]
You will see the October Magazine cover.

Click on the picture of cover.

At the top of the screen, click on the *Shortcuts* button

Select *Back Cover* from the menu items across the top of the screen.

You will see 184 of 186 on the top menu.

Click on the left-facing arrow next to the 184 to to look at the last page of the magazine.

There we are!

You can also read the text on our website at

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