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reaction/tonsil swelling

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By sacena on Sat, 11-04-06, 05:35

My son had his second contact reaction at school Thursday. His first one was in May. He sits at the nut free table, but then plays with kids at recess who have eaten peanut butter.

After lunch on both occasions, he felt his throat closing and an itchy tongue. When the nurse looks at his throat, it isn't actually closing up, but he does have one swollen tonsil. He was given Epi both times and spent the night in the hospital. I witnessed this in the nurse's office. After Epi, the tonsil is still swollen, but it does go down some.

Does anyone else have this as a symptom? It is so difficult with a contact reaction to determine whether it is an allergic reaction or the beginning of a viral illness.

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By Peg541 on Sat, 11-04-06, 06:28

My son is 22 and has airborne reactions where he describes his throat as closing off. His tonsils are gone but his throat feels swollen. When he talks I can hear the swollen tongue.

He uses Bendadryl and gets away from the area and is OK after that.

I wonder if the nurse would be able to see anything. Maybe for an ingestion reaction but airborne reactions tend to be less severe.

She might not see anything but your son definitely feels something.


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By starlight on Sat, 11-04-06, 16:56

That seems awfully strange that it's only one tonsil. Especially since there's no throat swelling with it and the swelling doesn't go away after the epi. I'd take him to his pediatrician and get his throat checked/cultured. It can't hurt, and if the doc finds nothing wrong, then you'll know it was a reaction.

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By sacena on Sun, 11-05-06, 03:53

I guess I should have mentioned that he did have some swelling over his eyelids and above his lip the first time. The other day, he was red and puffy under the eyes and his tongue was a little swollen, which went went away after the Epi.

I do think it is strange that only one tonsil was inflamed. I joked with the nurse that maybe we should have his tonsils out so they can't swell [img]http://uumor.pair.com/nutalle2/peanutallergy/smile.gif[/img]

When one's throat closes, does it usually close in on the sides of the throat, from the top, or the whole thing? Does it completely close up?

We will see the allergist in a few weeks. I'll ask about the tonsil issue.

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By Peg541 on Sun, 11-05-06, 04:11

I get hives once in awhile. I get only ONE on the inside of the left side of my lower lip.

So you could conceivably get one hive in one tonsil associated with a reaction.

Better than hives in both tonsils. You can't predict how swollen an airway will get. You have to be ready for the worst.


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By sacena on Mon, 11-06-06, 05:34

Thank you Peg and Starlight.

I'm hoping the allergist will be able to advise whether to start with Benadryl and wait or give Epi right away.

Tomorrow will be my son's first day back to school. I'm dreading it. He claims to be okay with it. We'll see....

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By Peg541 on Mon, 11-06-06, 07:00

When my son had his first airborne reaction he used his epi pen and Benadryl. We went to the ER and bullied our way in. They kept him for awhile and sent him home on steroids (again my insistence)

Now he's had a bunch more and I realize Benadryl does the trick for him. That and getting away from the area he reacted in.

But he's always ready with the epi should it progress.

You'll get there too. We've been at this for 17 years now.


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By joeybeth on Mon, 11-06-06, 14:56

this story kind of makes me glad one of my PA daughters had her tonsils removed. at least i know that area might not swell as much as it might have if the tonsils were still there. ???

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By Daisy on Mon, 11-06-06, 15:50


You can call your allergist's office and ask for an action plan for school (when to give Benadryl...when to use Epi).

And most allergists will see you sooner if he has had a recent reaction. I usually see mine the next day (if I had to make an ER visit) to sort out the reaction, what could have caused it, and see if anything is changing.

Take care,

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By sacena on Mon, 11-06-06, 16:31

I'm hoping our case will be the same as yours. My son hasn't been smelling anything that he is aware of. We're thinking he has touched some peanut butter residue and then touched his face. Both times were at indoor lunch recess when it was raining out. There must have been a lot of peanut butter hands around. It does seem like the Benadryl will do the trick. I really hope so.

Daisy, thank you for your advice also. We do have an allergy action plan for school. It is actually my son's pediatrician who filled it out. He will be seeing a new allergist in a few weeks. I won't call the current one because he is an idiot. The whole story is posted under "told to let it go" on the main board (or something like that). This is the reason why the nurse and myself were hesitant to give Epi during his last reaction. We gave Benadryl and called the pediatrician. He said use Epi and call an ambulance.

I can go on about it forever. Sorry!

Yes, we will get a new allergy action plan from the new allergist, whom I hear is one of the best [img]http://uumor.pair.com/nutalle2/peanutallergy/biggrin.gif[/img]

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