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Reaction to Oranges!

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By falcon on Fri, 07-28-06, 02:59

My son got hives around his chin and cheeks today after eating an orang slice. He rarely eats oranges, but has never had a problem with fresh squeezed tropicana orange juice...He has a similar reaction to all other standard fruits. So frustrating. Thought we were safe with citrus...he loves citrus - particularly lemon and orange, so I was surprised. However, he also recently started to get a similar rash to carrots which he loves and has eaten frequently for years. Soooooo frustrating. Glad it didn't result in anything more serious and luckily the benadryl was all that was needed.

Anyone else allergic to oranges? What kind of reactions have you had?


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By Corvallis Mom on Mon, 07-31-06, 03:45

I am allergic to all citrus fruits. In order of severity, grapefruit, lemons, oranges, and limes... never tried kumquats or anything like that.

The inside of my mouth will itch and burn. I have had lip swelling and gastrointestinal problems as well. When I was a kid, it would give me TERRIBLE eczema and sinus drainage. Orange juice (unless it is heat pasteurized) really is terrible. I can immediately tell if a restaurant puts lemon in their water, because a sip makes the inside of my lips burn. I have to ask them to give me some from the tap instead.

I can tolerate citrus if it is thoroughly cooked. (And I do mean thoroughly-- boiling water temp for two or three minutes) So I use citrus in cooking. Just never without microwaving first. Commercial juices are never heated long enough for me to get away with it.

Most kids with sensitive skin will develop red patches from acidic fruits and vegetables, BTW. This isn't necessarily an allergic reaction. Hard to know. Ketchup and fruit juice/pulp seem to be the worst offenders this way. If you wash them up it tends to go away on its own after twenty or thirty minutes. (Incidentally, the same interval as if you give Benadryl... we know [img]http://uumor.pair.com/nutalle2/peanutallergy/wink.gif[/img] )

This is an EXTREMELY rare allergy. Really. I have never known anyone else with a true [i]allergy[/i] to citrus (but many with all kinds of other fruit allergies) It can cross-react with mesquite, BTW. (Which is why I can't eat some BBQ sauces. Always wondered why I was the only person I knew who thought mesquite-flavored things were unbearably [i]hot[/i]...) It isn't a common OAS offender either.

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By Momcat on Mon, 07-31-06, 03:55

Cinnamon gives DS a red patch if it gets on his skin. It doesn't seem to be an allergy, more of an irritant.


Mom to 7 yr old PA/TNA daughter and 3 1/2 yr old son who is allergic to eggs.

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By crazymomof2 on Mon, 07-31-06, 20:37

My little one is allergic to citrus. At first I couldn't figure out why she had HORRIFIC eczema flares whenever we went away. After a while, I realized it was fruit punch juice boxes I was giving as a "special treat." We cut all citrus from her diet and--voila--no more eczema. Crazy, huh?

I read somewhere that sometimes citrus allergy is not an allergy to the actual fruit at all but to the insecticides they use on those fruits. I'm not sure if it's true or not, but it's food for thought.

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By Going Nuts on Mon, 07-31-06, 22:43

My DH has "threshold" issues with citrus. He can eat one or two oranges, but if he gets carried away (a risk during clementine season, or when he has access to fresh squeezed juice) he ends up covered in hives.

Odd, but his mom is the same way with strawberries.


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By LisaM on Tue, 08-01-06, 02:12

my sister also has a citrus threshhold . . . she has orange juice sometimes but it bothers her if she has it too often.

I used to have trouble with orange juice from time to time, but I haven't for years. I can sometimes find that I have to cook oranges and grapefruit, but it causes less problems with OAS for me than other fruits.

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By bethc on Tue, 08-01-06, 02:42

A woman I used to work with was allergic to citrus. She even had to read labels for citric acid. She'd had it her whole life and was middle aged at the time I worked with her.

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By Babygirl2613 on Thu, 08-31-06, 19:17

A similar thing happened to my PA/TNA son! He never had problems with oranges or orange juice, but one day we were eating some oranges and he complained that his lips were burning. There were no other symptoms so I assumed that his lips were chapped(this happens for him frequently) and the acidity was bothering him. A couple days later we were eating them and again he complained of his lips burning, but since there were no other symptoms, I again dismissed it as chapped lips..By the third time he ate them he finally broke out in a couple of hives on his hand. As luck would have it we happened to be going in for a re-test on his allergies so I asked them to include oranges. Sure enough they said that he is allergic to oranges also [img]http://uumor.pair.com/nutalle2/peanutallergy/frown.gif[/img]

He is really good about avoiding them but there have been some accidental exposures when he drank some fruit juice with orange in it..He didn't react though so I'm not sure why. Anyway, just wanted to let you know you are not alone!!


ds 3-8-00 PA/TNA/oranges

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By lmw on Thu, 08-31-06, 20:11

As time goes by, DD's OAS list increases. Citrus and pineapple are the only 2 fruits she CAN eat now - at least comfortably. (But the pineapple hurts her teeth if she eats too much.)

I dread the OAS gaining these as well, DD has so few healthy choices for fruits and veggies - except cooked.

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By saknjmom on Thu, 10-05-06, 14:00

could there have been residue on the rind that transferred onto the inside of the fruit?

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By Adele on Thu, 10-05-06, 17:28

Just a word of warning to those that buy orange juice in the carton.

Minutemaid 'HEARTWISE' orange juice can be made with peanut oil.


Read the section on the web site page that is titled 'sterols'.

It is clearly listed on the carton that the sterols in the juice may come from peanut oil.

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By LisaM on Thu, 10-05-06, 21:12

Would never have thought that orange juice would pose a risk! Thanks for the heads up.

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By HaroldsMom on Fri, 10-06-06, 02:03

Hello, My DS can eat oranges but, if he drinks the store bought juice he has severe diarrhea and an awful rash just a few hours later? It just makes my stomach burn.

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By princesshinmighty on Tue, 10-10-06, 19:02

I know that a few months ago (and I haven't done a search on the site for it yet) there was a thread about cross-reactive allergies, and things like Bananas cause people with ragweed allergies to have reactions when they usually do not, during high ragweed season...I don't remember where the link was or where the original post was...

I found a link that lists off some of the cross reactive allergies...This might explain it a little bit:


*editted to add* I know one of my sister's friends has said that she tested positive to a mild allergy to oranges but that it only affects her during certain months of the year, and she didn't know why. When I had done some research on it initially, I found it to also be listed as having a reaction that is cross reactive during only certain months of the year when there is a heavy pollen of some sort...I forget which pollen/mold/whatever it was that caused that reaction and which months, but it seems like it was early summer or spring? I'm not sure...I'd do some research on cross-reactivity and see if you can find the same articles that I did -- IIRC it seems like it was a well known place like webmd or somewhere like that that I found the information initially.

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