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(???) reaction or not

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By niche on Mon, 04-23-07, 22:04

hi, do you all think this was a reaction or not? We were out of town, my DS almost 5 had been to the pool with his father. We then went out to dinner and I specified the requirements for my sons meal to the waiter. I don't think they were very used to dealing with food allergies as the waiter came back several times with questions. There was not a nut mentioned on the entire menu however the first time he came back he said their oil had peanut oil in it so we requested just some plain noodles and butter, he then came back and said their noodles are made by a local company and they don't know the ingredients. So we asked for plain mashed potatoes. He came back again concerned that the garlic or pepper may have been cross contam with peanut. I had never heard of this and told him the potatoes should be fine. My husbands soup arrived with oyster crackers which my son had a few of. He seemed to be acting a bit funny, could have been just tired from swimming or??? A few minutes later he said his throat was scratchy (very unusual for him). My DH and I went on red alert looking at each other and watching him like a hawk. he sounded fine, no coughing no hives. Then he said his stomach hurt (this is pretty common for him) still watching he was moving his mouth funny so I sent DH to give him some benedryl. Thinking that if he so much as coughed or his voice squeeked or pretty much anything else unusual happened I would give him the epi. He ate his dinner (kind of) and seemed sleepy (benedryl?). We just kept watching him for a few hours. I am pretty sure his throat was actually bothering him. We were thinking it could have been the pool water - still learning to swim so swallows water at times. Could have been the crackers, (anyone heard of nuts in oyster crakers or cross contam?) my dh did forget to read them - typically my ds or I remind him but I was distracted by the baby when the soup arrived. I was thinking it could have been stress from the waiter coming back so many times (stressed me out - we almost left) Or it could have been contact reaction somewhere - very upsetting as he hasn't had a contact reaction in the past. He has had reactions to cross contam items so I do believe he is pretty sensitive. I know the test scores aren't supposed to mean anything but his last rast was 87. His past reactions have been hives and GI,.

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By ajgauthier on Tue, 04-24-07, 00:12

I actually stay away from oyster crackers unless I can read the package. I've always seen them have peanut oil listed as an ingredient. Maybe it's a particular brand, I can't remember, but more than once I've read those little packages and recall not being able to eat them.


30-something survivor of severe peanut/tree nut allergy

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