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RAST Test Results

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By Elizasmom on Sun, 10-24-04, 17:34

A friend of mine just had her son RAST tested for PA after he had a mild reaction to a peanut butter and jelly sandwich(hives around mouth). He is three had had small amounts of peanut before with no reaction. She wanted the CAP-RAST, but unfortunately got a regular RAST. The level was 1.78ku/l.

I am personally leary of any test but perhaps the CAP-RAST because my daughter had so many false positives. Does this level suggest a positive result, or is it more of a "maybe/maybe not result"? Does anyone here have levels this low with a child who reacts? Any links you can give me that would tell what this level actually means (ie, % of kids who will react at this level).

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By kkeene on Sun, 10-24-04, 23:24

I believe the the scores goes as follows
.34 or less Negative
.35-.69 grade 1 low positive
.70-3.49 grade 2 moderate positive
3.41-17.49 grade 3 positive
17.50-49.9 grade 4 strong positive
50.0-99.9 grade 5 strong positive
100 + grade 6 strong positive

now cap Rast is more sensitive so it has the following in addition.

0.10 or less grade 0 Negative
.10-.34 grade 0/1 Equivocal/Borderline

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By lalow on Mon, 10-25-04, 00:52

My son received a score of 2 on the RAST. Because he had developed hives after eating a piece of peanut butter cookie we were told this would indicate he is allergic to peanuts.

James 3yrs NKA
Ben 21 months PA,MA,SA

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By Suzy Q on Mon, 10-25-04, 18:16

My son scored 2.67 on his RAST (not sure if cap rast or regular). This was after a reaction to a very small amount of peanut butter. I gave him a cracker and he only got a small amount on his tongue - didn't even bite the cracker. He must have started reacting immediately because he threw the cracker on the floor. He immediately got bad hives, itching, runny nose, facial swelling, and flushing. He was very skeptical about trying it, almost as if he knew he shouldn't eat it. Perhaps the smell bothered him.

I was a little bit encouraged when his RAST score was on the lower end of the scale, but his doctor said that he could still have a serious anaphylactic reaction which has been stated here several times.

He also had a reaction once at a birthday party. He must have gotten residue on his hands and then into his mouth. He became very clingy and quiet, just not normal.

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By jtolpin on Mon, 10-25-04, 18:26

Scores have no bearing on what type of reaction will occur.

IMO, the scores don't even begin to explain how MUCH (PB) will cause a reaction, and WHY...

Case in point -- Caitlin's never had PB. DW is anaph to peanuts, never had them in utero, never had them while BF, never ingested by herself...

That being said, her RAST in Nov 03 (first one for peanut) was ONLY 47.3 (some other nuts were >100, as were milk/egg/mustard/garlic)

Use the score as a guideline for outgrowing, and hoping that as the number decreases, the better the chance of outgrowing (someday).

Do NOT think that a 1.0 rast will be a small reaction while >100 is a BAD reaction...

A 1.0 rast score could cause a massive reaction (Caitlin's banana 'system meltdown' was on a rast of only 17.6)

Caitlin 4-17-00 Allergic to Dairy, Egg, Wheat, Bananas, Grapes, Rye, Sesame, Beef, Garlic, Mustard, Onion, Peas and Avoiding Latex and all Nuts
Sara 2-13-98 NKA (Avoiding Nuts)
Meghan 2-28-03 NKA (Avoiding Nuts)

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By JND on Wed, 10-27-04, 11:20

My DD has a peanut Cap Rast score just over 1. She has had one peanut reaction: after eating a chocolate egg w/ little chips of Butterfinger in it, she had mouth and throat swelling. The doctor says she's a high risk of anaphalaxis because she had 2 systems react. So, there's a case of a low peanut cap rast which produces a reaction and is a high risk of a bad reaction.


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By Naer74 on Wed, 10-27-04, 13:13

My son scored negative on the CAP RAST and failed the challenge with only a dime size amount of pb in his mouth...never swallowed it, spit it out immediately!!!

He also has had anaphylactic reactions. He even had one to his second skin prick test and he reacted to cross contamination with pudding before.

I don't trust any test now.

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By Julius7us on Wed, 10-27-04, 23:10

My son is almost identical. His test showed 1.76 which his Dr. said was too high to take lightly. He has had eczema/hives since he was a baby /He had reflux while nursing and I ate peanut butter regularly/ but he wasn't tested until 11 months. Definately explains the reflux. I just found this sight last week and since then I've been reading labels more carefully and eliminating everything with traces listed or manufacturing warnings. His eczema is almost clear for the first time ever. He has an epi-pen at home and his teacher has one at school. You cannot assume the next reaction will be mild.

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By gvmom on Sat, 04-22-06, 17:19

Re-raising to help out NickandLaini'sMommy.

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