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Raleigh, North Carolina

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By KateB on Mon, 07-28-08, 20:42

My 21 year old son has just moved to Raleigh and will be looking for a good doctor to refer him to an allergist. He is peanut, tree nut and soy allergic.


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By Danielle on Tue, 08-05-08, 17:37

He is in luck. Dr. Burks is one of the best and most well known Dr's in the allergy community. He also does a lot of research for peanut and nut allergy. We go to see him in early Sept.

He is located at Duke. Also, there is a new peanut and gluten free restaurant called Rosies place. They do use pecans in 1 of their items but are totally allergy aware and I am sure would take major precautions. They also deliver. There is also a Chipotle and a Rita's ice and custard in the Raleigh/Durham area both are peanut/nut free. Please always read ingredients and check with chef in case anything has changed.

Good Luck.

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