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Raid ant spikes for Outdoors.

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By maphiemom on Mon, 06-04-07, 21:41

Heads up :
After bringing home ant baits for outside I was trying to open the package and just by accident I notice the teeny tiny warning that blends in with all the other type on the front,frustrating. Just so you all are aware,this is a product I bought in Canada.

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By maphiemom on Tue, 06-05-07, 18:52

I emailed SC Johnson and they very qickly got back to me apologized that I wasn't able to use the product I had bought and suggested a safe product that would do the job.

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By Q'sMommy on Tue, 06-05-07, 23:48

What was the safe product that they suggested?

Hope you get rid of the ants.


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By on Tue, 06-19-07, 02:42

You have to be very careful about any type of pest bait. When I first started researching household products, I found that most ant & roach baits (including the little traps) have peanut as an ingredient. Even some mouse bait has peanut, so be sure to check out the "inert" ingredients and get MSDS sheets to find out which conditions could be aggrevated by the use of these products.

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By maphiemom on Fri, 06-22-07, 15:16

Raid OUtdoor nest destroyer,it doesn't contain any allergic problem items,like peanut oil, I actually tried boiled water , it killed a lot , and non toxic.

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By Claire on Fri, 06-22-07, 19:39

I don't know if I ever told you guys here but Chris had a reaction from one of those darn ant cups. It was horrible because I didn't know they contain PB. Makes sence in catching a mouse. However we did make a trip to er from that. He handled it and immediatly reacted.
Good luck to all [img]http://uumor.pair.com/nutalle2/peanutallergy/smile.gif[/img] claire

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By carpediem on Mon, 08-27-07, 06:09

What about D-Con for mice? It is the little pellets. Is it safe? Where does it end? Now I am wondering about the pesticide they are spraying from the trucks and air when they treat West Nile Virus.

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