Quinoa relative to sesame and nut allergies

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By falcon on Sat, 06-25-05, 20:45

Has anyone with a sesame allergy ever had a problem with Quinoa? From what I understand it is a seed.

Is anyone familiar with the Ancient Harvest Quinoa brand?

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By Jimmy's mom on Sun, 06-26-05, 00:13

Quinoa is a grain. Grains, including wheat, rice, etc. are seeds as well. I think it would be more closely related to those than to sesame seeds.



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By krasota on Mon, 06-27-05, 05:13

Quinoa is not considered a cereal grain. It's a fruit, really. It's a chenopod (goosefoot family), as are beets and spinach.




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By falcon on Tue, 06-28-05, 02:23

Ancient Harvest Quinoa is nutfree, peanutfree, sesame free according to the email I received from them...thanks for the reference!

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By tomanderzon on Thu, 02-24-11, 18:36

I am allergic to tree nuts and sesame seeds but I am fine eating Quinoi (so far).

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