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By PerthPeanut on Thu, 01-11-07, 13:51

My daughter is allergic to lots of foods, and this year has reacted to 3 out of 4 new dogs within my extended family. Funny thing is, that these 3 dogs are all female. The other dog is male. There's a female and male maltese shitzou [??] cross, but she's only reacted to the girl.

Any ideas?

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By PurpleCat on Thu, 01-11-07, 18:51

No clue why male vs. female would make a difference.

When our DD will be visiting someone who has a dog, we give her Claritin and if possible, start to do so 3 days before we go. We do not extend past the visit day but do give her a bath immediately when we return home and wash all of her clothing including coat, hats, etc... This has eliminated her having significant reactions. She also does not actually touch the dog(s).

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By Q'sMommy on Thu, 01-11-07, 19:31

My son also reacts to dogs, usually hives then asthma act. Of the 3 dogs that we visit he reacts to two of them, all three are female...

Now I give aerius and ventalin prior to the visits, that seems to be working for now.


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