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PROMETRIUM progesterone hormones contain peanut oil

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By Chris PeanutAllergy Com on Thu, 02-25-99, 05:27

Janice wrote>
I tried to post this information on the discussion boards, but I kept getting an error message - so here

My 51 year old mother who (like myself) has an allergy to nuts, was just prescribed hormone
replacements for menopause. What she found in the package insert was a BIG SHOCK!

PROMETRIUM progesterone hormones contain peanut oil!!!

Although there was a warning in the insert, and her doctor was fully aware of her near death
experience in the ICU from anaphylactic shock, her doctor did not tell her the hormone contained
peanut oil. It's possible she was unaware because she contacted an allergist when my mother phoned
the her about this.

I have attempted to search the internet trying to find out if other hormones contain peanut oil -
unsuccessfully - however one web site definitely indicated that others out there do exist.

I would like to know if anyone out there knows of any BIRTH CONTROL PILLS or other hormones
containing peanut oil, so if you could post this message for me as an inquiry (and alert) I would greatly
appreciate it.

Thank you in advance!


ps - by the way - GREAT web site!!! It's really comforting to know that people are becoming more
aware and are taking action to help save lives!

We called a pharmacy to see what they knew about this and they only had Superior brand in stock, and it did contain peanut oil. They did not know any more details. They suggested calling the manufacturers to find out.

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By Patti on Thu, 02-25-99, 14:10

This reminds me of the fact that a lot of childrens vitamins have aspartame (artificial sweetener - I did a lot of research for my mother-in-law when she had a brain tumor). And this is a big no no for children, expecially if you are epileptic.
I checked my birth control and only active ingredients are listed, so I started to look at other medications, same thing but I don't have the inserts for those just the bottles. Interesting point that we must read all labels. Hooray for your mom for doing that, but boo on your doctor for not knowing (although I don't know how they know everything). It means we really have to take this into our own hands.
P.S. Someone told me that they think Lancome uses nuts in their makeup. I am not personally sure, but it might be worthwhile to check out your makeup too.

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By Janice on Mon, 03-08-99, 08:01

Does anyone out there know of ANY MEDICATIONS that contain any kind of nut oil (peanut, hazelnut, etc.)? Maybe we can get an alert on this site going about medications now.

I've learned that there are many other brands of medications out there containing peanut oil - ANY KIND of medication!

However, getting specific brand names other than the Prometrium I learned of is very difficult. It seems that the drug manufacturers do not have to supply the pharmacist with lists of non-medicinal ingredients in medications. So the majority don't.

I keep getting the same answer from the pharmacists when I call to find out which medications do have peanut oil - check with the manufacturers - because they don't have a clue.

BUT - since there is a central computer system now in many pharmacies that are able to catch a deadly drug interaction, shouldn't these same computers be supplied with information of non-medicinal ingredients as well? The same result could occur from interaction with an allergic patient - a deadly one.

And I'm scared for those out there who don't know that us allergic folks have to check what's in our medications now. My only hope right now is to update this site as best we can with help from others out there with this allergy.

Talk to your friends - pharmacists - doctors - whatever you can find out. Someone has to know of at least a few other medications we can avoid.


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By lisa_marie25 on Fri, 10-22-10, 00:11

Prometrium and Combivent inhalers are the big two that I can think of that people with peanut allergies shoudn't take.

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By ses1978 on Fri, 10-22-10, 02:05

Always always ALWAYS do research. I have medications that I cannot take to being allergic to wheat. Possibly allergic to yeast. So my medications that I do end up taking, I always inquire if it's gluten free. I also inquire if it's SLS free because sulfate gives me problems. I never would've thought that peanuts would pose a threat in medications.

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By uncno1 on Sun, 01-02-11, 05:21

I would have never thought that anyone would spend so much time worrying about the peanut. The vast majority of the population has absolutely no trouble with peanuts and medications containing small amounts of peanut oil. Even in people with mild and moderate allergies, the amount of exposure in the medicines noted provide very low risk of reaction. Don't we have better things to worry about?

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By Jennifer-is-always-sick on Mon, 01-03-11, 22:57

Do you have food allergies?

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By Jennifer-is-always-sick on Mon, 01-03-11, 22:56

Combivent?! I've never heard of this. My son has peanut allergies, and they use the albuterol/atrovent combination on him in the hospital when he has an asthma attack. I can't have atrovent because I once had a reaction to it, but that was before I had peanut allergies.

It never occurred to me that they would put peanut oil into medications and that they wouldn't have to tell you it's in there. Does anyone have sources they can cite with this information?

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By ses1978 on Wed, 01-05-11, 19:22

Two things that definitely don't need to be in medicine is peanut and wheat.

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By rselig on Sun, 09-25-11, 13:17

Accutane and Clarus(isotretinoin acne therapy) is another medication I can think of off the top of my head which contain both peanut and soy oils in the formulation. In response to Janice, pharmacies (and patients!) have access to all medicinal and non-medicinal ingredients in every medication available on the market. The drug manufacturers must supply a monograph containing all of this information to Health Canada/FDA (US). In addition, I'd say most if not all pharmacy computer systems screen for peanut allergy if a peanut allergy is documented on the patients profile. Just remember to tell your pharmacist about your allergies and you shouldn't have any problem!

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