the grocery store i shop, Wegmans, at wont sell dole raisins because they sell sun maid raisins... sun maid does not correctley lable the products that are processed on the same line as toffee...
My son and I were on line at a local drug store and there on a display were these little pill bottles you can hook onto a key chain. We bought one immediately and he is using it, he has four...
I've ordered labels off this website and was very pleased. I actually ordered a 2nd set with my cell phone # on it instead of my dd's name, for day care and when at friends'houses. [url="https://...
Has anyone out there tried Sunbutter? I don't believe it is in Charlotte, NC yet, but I just got a call from the manufacturer. He says it is 100% peanut free. Any comments out there would be...
[url="http://biz.yahoo.com/prnews/060605/nym184.html?.v=41"]http://biz.yahoo.com/prnews/060605/nym184.html?.v=41[/url] Press Release Source: AllergyKids AllergyKids and Safe Guard Medi-Systems...
My tn/peanut allergic sons 3rd b-day is coming up and I am trying to figure out the cake. Obviously getting one from a bakery is out of the question so we will have to make one. Anyone know of a...
Hi All! I did not expect to have to deal with this issue for quite awhile, however my daughter's first dance recital is this May. The dance studio is not strict about what the little girls wear, they...
My daughter is allergic to silver colored metals. She outgrew her gold bracelet that cost me $300. Any ideas for finding a new braclet for a young girl?
I just came across this new company [url="http://www.checkmytag.com"]www.checkmytag.com[/url] that offers cute clothes for toddlers that you can put all of their emergency information inside the...
I have developed some products for our kids (and us!) to help keep them safe and remind others about their peanut allergy. You can check out the products at [url="http://www.cafepress.com/...
I posted this in another thread, but I thought I'd share here. I e-mailed the company after no longer seeing the warning label on Sixlets. They immediately responded with: Hello Rachel, Thank you...
The pharmacy put an advertisment in the bag with the last refill of a epi-pen dual pack. It was for this product. (Epinephrine Mate) [This message has been edited by MommaBear (edited November 02,...
I am building a new website at [url="http://www.myefairy.com,"]http://www.myefairy.com,[/url] and the allergy alert shirts, totes, lunch boxes, etc. can be found there. They are still printed from...
Today while I was *finally* getting PB's shirt ready and fixing up the website to accomodate the new design wording, I had the inspiration for some holiday ornaments, a wall calendar, greeting cards...
I have seen a few posts on the boards here pointing to my old url, so I wanted to make sure the new one is "out there" if you need shirts, stickers, posters, buttons, magnets, tote bags, etc. to warn...
By request, from an allergy mom, a bumper sticker in the Peanut Free Zone design. Thanks! [url="http://www.cafepress.com/peanutfreezone"]http://www.cafepress.com/peanutfreezone[/url]
My son has never worn any type of epi belt. He isn't allowed to wear it in school because he has an aide that carries his meds and is with him at all times. I wanted him to wear it but they said I...
I saw this advertised in Allergy & Asthma Magazine. Advertised as a stylish alternative to Medical ID Bracelets... I don't have any personal experience with this product. [url="http://www....

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