My good friend here in Washington State and his buddy have developed a new medical ID system. You can look for yourselves at this website but here is the lowdown, You can get a necklace or a...
Anyone interested. I have designed 4 styles and I can also custom design to your specific needs. I am using Medium to heavyweight fabric but am can also use other fabrics as well as any color....
Whole Foods by me has it. Don't know if you have a Whole Foods. I brought it to my son's preschool for his teacher to show the other parents. It has become a big hit with the under four crowd. [img...
We had our daughters birthday party today and I ended up ordering the cake from Whole Foods Market. I had not thought of doing this before because I usually bake my own. This time though, my...
Hi there I am also looking to purchase peanut and nut free dried fruit. Can anyone help me?
Pharmaceutical Specialties of Rochester, MN makes fragrance free personal care products. They also are free of lanolin and other chemicals.: I have used their shampoo, bath oil, creme rinse and hair...
I thought it would be helpful to have a thread with links/phone numbers for free things that would be helpful to people with PA. Please add to the list &, if applicable, include what country(ies...
I purchased the E-belt for my 6yr old son to carry his epi-pens in. I LOVE THIS BELT... It is a bit costly but very sturdy, the pens are placed in a hard tube, they stay safe and fit perfectly in...
My DD has MFA, so I didn't want the standard allergic to nuts type of shirt. I ordered a dress and button from Allergators and received fantastic service. I ordered on Saturday via website, and my...
Would really like current info & working links to sites with "PA + TNA" allergy warning t-shirts & sweat shirts. I am specifically looking for simple, clear, eye-catching, but not cutesy...
I just spoke with a very knowledgeable rep from this company. They have no peanut or nut products in their plant whatsoever. The allergens they do have (I believe wheat, gluten, soy) are used on...
Hello, Canadian Sweets ([url]http://www.canadiansweets.com[/url]) has the new peanut free Mars bars up for sale / shipment to the US. From other discussions, this is sort of like our 3 Musketeers -...
Hi, everyone, I was just wondering if anyone had sent in a class set of the Alexander coloring books and if so, how it went. Were the books appropriate for non PA kids in the classroom? I'm just...
Anyone know of any medical alert type watches for kids?
This was mentioned on another thread where I was asking about adult carriers. [url="http://www.allergypack.com/index.html"]www.allergypack.com/index.html[/url] Could anyone that has it tell me a...
This company was featured in the business section of the St. Paul Pioneer Press today... [url="http://www.ezkeeper.net/"]http://www.ezkeeper.net/[/url]
Came across these and thought I'd pass it on. It's not really designed for allergy prevention, but it sure looks like it would work. Jen [url="http://planesheets.com/plane_sheets"]http://...
There is a great line of nut-free snacks that I buy at the natural food market; although, I have seen it in some stores. It is by Robert's American Gourmet. All of the products are yummy ( I love...
(I posted this elsewhere, but figured that more people would see it here.) Short form of this story: Shady Maple Organics syrup should be safe for the peanut and soy allergic. I emailed them and they...
Hello. This is my first posting. My dd was diagnosed with PA about 4 weeks ago. I have been reading and learning lots. Thanks. I was prompted to post because a relative works for Cadbury/Adams...

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