I found this great bag at REI for DS to use on a tubing trip. It is actually designed for a large cell phone but it is big enough to fit two Epis in their cases. It will float if it landed in the...
Stuck on You has an Allergy label pack: [url="https://www.stuckonyou.biz/usa/index.asp"]https://www.stuckonyou.biz/usa/index.asp[/url] Cathy ------------------ Mom to 8 yr old PA/TNA daughter and 4...
[url="http://www.news-medical.net/?id=27207"]http://www.news-medical.net/?id=27207[/url] ---------------------------- Food allergy wordlist for international travellers Miscellaneous News Published:...
Hi everyone, I have stumbled across this site, it is Australian so for all of the Aussies out there but they may ship around the world, I'm not sure, they will probably have that on their website....
Hi Everyone, I'm looking for a safe breakfast sausage brand to use in my stuffing for my child with peanut and tree nut allergy. Can anyone help me out? Do you have one that you have called the...
I always have my epi-pens either in my purse or a fanny-pack. This year, sometimes I don't feel like having either. What kind of carrier do other adults use? I was hoping there was something that...
I don't know if these is a repeat or not but there is a website where you can print off cards to give to the chef/waitress or waiter at a restaurant where you may eat. Here is the link [url="http://...
Hi all, this is for the peanut but not tree nut allergic contingent. At my last trip to the health food store, I spied a new (to me) product: Redmonds Peanut-Free Almond Butter They have a creamy...
Hi, My fiance is allergic to peanuts, but fine with all tree nuts. I'd like to integrate them more into our diet but so many nuts have peanut warnings on them. Are there any brands of nuts that are...
I wanted to inform you about a great new educational product that I have found. You can check it out at [url="http://www.beyondapeanut.com"]www.beyondapeanut.com[/url] It is a set of educational...
My PA daughter's class had a Guinea pig donated. Long story short, she reacted because the food had peanut in it. Not wanting my little girl to be the reason the class had to get rid of the class...
Here's another medical bracelet option: [url="http://www.mylifewear.com/"]http://www.mylifewear.com/[/url] Cathy
These look interesting-- [url="http://www.adorndesigns.com"]http://www.adorndesigns.com[/url] Cathy
I ordered 6 boxes of PN free Quaker Granola bars from them. They arrived yesterday. The kids are thrilled. They also included mini samples of some candies. Very smart! That coffee crisp was...
Saw new commercial last night on t.v. for Peanut Free Quaker Chewy Ganola Bars. So I went to find them today. There are 8 varieties. In BIG letters on the box, MADE IN PEANUT FREE FACILITY. It's...
This is a great idea for labeling cups with your kid's name and/or allergy. [url="http://www.bumpyname.com/"]http://www.bumpyname.com/[/url]
Hi there: I am looking to purchase peanut and nut free sunflower seeds and pumpkin seeds. Does anyone know where I can get these? Thanks for your help?
my daughter has been PA for 2-almost 3 years. during that time i have bought her 3 medical bracelets....they all have failed in one way or another. the allergy charms become scratched and ineffective...
I saw these in our local Kroger flyer. (I live in Central Illinois) They are on sale for $1.00 each!! But when I went in the store today, they do not have them in stock yet. The pharmacist said it...
I was so excited to discover Rudi's PN/TN free bread thanks to this board.I had my first loaf and emailed the company to praise them. Here is part of the response I received:Thank you for contacting...

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