I feel like just a bad mom. I was here on this website and I guess the school had been trying to call me and got a busy signal. I guess my PA son got sick all over his desk. Just a little aside......
Hi All, Has anyone tried the MnM-type candies from Nothinnutty.com? MnMs are one of the things my daughter misses most. Does anyone know anywhere else that might sell safe MnM-type candies?...
Anyone ever hear of chewing gum being unsafe for peanut/tree nut? Thanks!
Not sure if anyone has posted about these but they're neat...I printed Justin's out and will get them laminated. Go to [url="http://www.supermarketguru.com"]www.supermarketguru.com[/url] and click...
I'm wondering if it's possible to buy the fanny packs sold on the foodallergy.org site in pretty colors for a little girl. My daughter's black one is starting to show wear. She loves pinks and...
No peanuts shirts at: [url="http://www.jeeto.com/clothing_nopeanuts.html"]http://www.jeeto.com/clothing_nopeanuts.html[/url]
Some of the members are looking for carrying bags with medical symbols or similar identification. Some are looking for bags large enough to hold not only their peanut allergy medicines but also...
Just wanted to let everyone with little ones know about he seat cover I bought for shopping cart seats. It covers the whole seat, even the back and sides. Check it out at [url="http://www....
I was just wondering, does anyone's health insurance plan cover medical jewelry? I wondered if it would be considered durable equipment if your allergist rights you a prescrption for one? Was just...
After 4 1/2 years my son's medic alert bracelet broke. This was the 5 inch stainless steel bracelet. One of the links broke. It seems to have worn through as the broken link is missing. The chain...
I read a blurb in one of my magazines about how good-for-you the Heartwise OJ is because it has plant sterols. When I went to the store to buy it, I got concerned about the statement on the...
My husband is taking our 6 year old PA son to the Boundary Waters for a camping trip this summer. He'd like to take freeze-dried food since they won't have a cooler (I think that's what it is --...
This is a great idea! Handy and inexpensive stickers to alert people not to feed your child. [url="http://www.safetystickerstore.com"]http://www.safetystickerstore.com[/url] I get worried at...
Babylabels has waterproof labels for children's products and has a special label for peanut allergies. [url="http://www.babylabels.com"]http://www.babylabels.com[/url]
Does anyone have a good recommendation for what to use to clean the handle bars of grocery carts, restaurant tables and other things like that that your child will touch when you're out and about? I'...
-Pumpkin Seed Butter
Does anyone know or use self tanning lotions? I am looking for a safe one to use to supply a little colour to myself for the summer. I have checked labels but most seem to list at least one nut...
These are handy little bottles for benadryl, in as small as 1 teaspoon size (5ml). This will be perfect since my dd's summer camp that requires dosages be 'premeasured' and I prefer liquid Benadryl...
I wanted to give my PA child munchkins from Dunkin Donuts but was nervous. Are they safe? His only allergy is to peanuts

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