Peanut Detecting Dogs The canine company has put together an informational document at our request that we can send out with information about the peanut detecting dogs. If you would like to receive...
Flashcards to teach your child and those who care for them about staying safe with a TREE NUT and PEANUT allergy. [url="http://www.beyondapeanut.com"]http://www.beyondapeanut.com[/url]
I've been told the Benadryl makes travel size single servings but I can't find anyplace that sells them. Hoping someone can help me. I'm tired of lugging around a 4 oz bottle with me everywhere. A...
Hi I am new to this. My 2 1/2 year old daughter is PA. Has anyone checked out yogurts for peanuts? I know they list natural and artificial flavors... Yogurt was one favorite food for us!
www.mygerbs.com is a great company to buy seeds, granola, and dried fruits from. Their factory is totally peanut and tree nut free, as well as free from the other major allergens like soy and dairy...
Hi, I'm new to the food allergy thing, and my toddler son has PA. I'm going to try medical alert temporary tattoos, instead of jewelery. I'm just wondering if anyone else has tried them, and any...
Be careful what lip balm, sun block/sunscreen, and other skin care products you use with a peanut or other allergy. Some are not made in a peanut free facility! The Badger company, which produces...
I posted a request the other day for you to participate in a market survey for a potential device to test for peanuts in food at home, at a friends house, etc. To date, I've had zero response,...
Hi, I want to know if anyone has used the epinephrine inhaler? I heard about them earlier this year and haven't heard much since. Now I'm curious to see if they're as effective as the EpiPen or Auvi-...
A research team at the University of Illinois has found a way to use a smart phone coupled with a small set of optical components to detect toxins, proteins, bacteria, viruses and other molecules....
powerade contains coconut oil; what is coconut oil's relation to peanut allergy?
It's great to see substitutes for things such as peanut butter however I was taken back by a product called "Sneaky Chef No-Nut Butter" that is shown on this site. What I'm taken back by is that I am...
I am looking into holders for my 6 yr. old PA daughter's epi-pen. Please help answer my questions if you can. Does the epi-belt keep the pens dry? Does a protectube fit into the epi-belt? What...
Does anyone know of a peanut free bakery in South Florida? Our local supermarkets all say "may contain peanuts" in their baked products, including bread. I would be happy to travel a few miles to get...
I just found this great company called Skeeter Snacks, they make 100% Peanut/Tree nut free snacks. I tried their cookies and they tasted great! They are inexpensive too @ 3.99 for a tray of 12. They...
When your child has a life-threatening food allergy, getting prepared for their first day of school can be very stressful. Searching the internet and trying to know what topics need to be covered,...
Hi, I'm 21 years old and just a few months ago found out that I developed an allergy to peanuts! I am a chocoholic and at first found it extremely hard to find peanut free chocolate bars. I live in...
This sunscreen is free of all seed oils and all nut oils (like coconut, shea butter and sesame seed oilds which are everywhere). It is fragrance free, free of formaldehyde and free of parabens. Per...
I am posting to advise all PA sufferers of a cake brand that may be of interest. The brands are Mills and Wares and Balfours. Both brands make cake for Woolworths(M&W) and Coles(Balfours)with in...
i would like a place to share a list of american foods safe for peanut and sesame allergic folks. maybe that is on here somewhere and i am just missing it. but i do lots of research on pretty random...

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