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Pringles Potato Chips

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By Donnamarie on Mon, 10-18-99, 01:02

While browsing this discussion board, I noticed a post regarding "peanut oil" in "pizza flavor" Pringles. This was quite a shock to me, since my son recently had quite a reaction to regular flavor Pringles. I had called the company immediately (which I *never* do), and spoke with them at length regarding their specific ingredients. At first they said, "if it's not on the label, then those ingredients aren't in the product". I finally had them look into it further, and they did mail me a form to fill out. And that was the end of that. Now I'm wondering if it wasn't cross-contamination containing peanuts. Of course, I'm totally beside myself: since the company has not had further contact with me... and adamentally (sp?) denied that their products contained peanuts of any sort.

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By sahmom on Tue, 10-19-99, 22:40

Hey I am glad I am not the only one who is disappointed in Pringles. That was my sons favorite chip. I remember having several cans in my arms ready to toss in buggy when the P word caught my attention on the new pizza brand. I didn't buy any that day. called them up and got the same thing you did. Why do they keep ruining a good thing? Why not buy one machine for non peanut products? maybe one day huh? my 02$ Sorry for griping.

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By LoriHuhn on Wed, 10-20-99, 03:09

This is such a continuous frustration for me...I want to change the way manufacturers produce their food. For me, it's not enough that the labeling process is changed. All that does is let the manufacturered put the "may contain peanuts" label on everything to save their own behinds! We need to change the way food is processed. Who has some ideas...Chris? This is the bigger issue as far as I'm concerned!

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By kalpertk on Wed, 10-20-99, 21:40

It seems as if the food our kids can eat becomes more and more limited. Pringles were one of my sons most favorite snacks. Please as soon as anyone gets any decent feedback from the manufacturer please post.

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By Chris PeanutAllergy Com on Fri, 12-24-99, 05:04

We have been receiving inquiries about the Pringles Chips (latest e mail about it was this morning) and I wanted to post what they told Patti last time she spoke with the manufacturer. She was told that they do spray peanut oil on certain flavors of their chips (she called re: the U.S.). It is done at the end of the process and was done on the same line which other flavors (which are not sprayed) are made on. I will have her post more specifics about what she was told, such as how the peanut oil is processed etc.

Stay Safe,

[email]"[email protected]"[/email]

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By stimpsjd on Mon, 03-27-00, 21:52

Up till the last 4-5 years I never went near Pringles chips because they always listed Peanut Oil as one of the possible oils. I remember this clearly growing up. Now it is not included in the ingredients so do we now take their word that there aren't peanuts in their product or do we never trust a product again?

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By frozndvl on Mon, 04-03-00, 07:40

I too Love Pringles and was rather dissapointed when the Pizza flavor came out. I bought some cause they sounded good, and didn't think twice about the ingrediants. I let my recently diagnosed very midly Peanut alergic 18 mo. old have a couple, and later that night she had a rash and several ucky diapers. I didn't even think of the chips being the cause until daddy gave her one the next day and I changed her to find some stuck to her belly and a rash surrounding it! this was the first time anything gave her a Rash that quick. Even Peanut butter didn't do that to her!

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By karenB on Mon, 04-03-00, 22:42

We used to eat Pringles as well, until I say the dreded "P" word on the lable. It seems that the number of food companies that we have had to eliminate from our shopping list is Growing and Growing. I check products that I "know" are safe every time I purchase them. I just hope Hostess does not start making some type of peanut butter snack cake since I keep Twinkies and other Hostess products in my daughter's snack box at school for parties and the like. Little Debbie has "may include peanuts" on ALL their products. It is too bad the food companies can't be more careful when cleaning their machines or designate "peanut free" machines. I guess their children are not allergic to peanuts.

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By tinamarie on Sat, 04-08-00, 00:28

we also love pringles, and have gotten the same response from the company. to play it "safe" we only eat the plain, in hopes that they make those first before adding flavor and the line gets contaminated. on another topic, be careful with Hostess. the north east region distributer of twinkies and crumb cakes have just switched their manufacturing plant and these products are made with little debbies and are now contaminated. it says so on the label.

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By Stacey82 on Fri, 02-20-15, 12:30

My son is allergic to peanuts! Twice now he has eaten Pringles and both times a few hours later he has Been really ill! (Vomiting) it wasn't until this morning when my sister mentioned his previous episode at Christmas that I put 2 & 2 together and started looking and came across this site! ...he is 5.6 out of 6 allergic to peanuts which is servere. Thank god if the ingredients do contain peanut oil that his reaction wasn't to bad compared to his others! He has previously eaten cheese & chive but both time he's been ill he's eaten plain! I feel do bad because I didn't check them as he has eaten them before :(

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