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Princess W/Peanut Allergy Clothing/Accessories

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By Kelly H on Wed, 09-12-07, 16:55

I started a new line of t-shirts and accessories that were inspired by my 4 year old niece with a severe PA who thinks she is a princess (and she is). I was making stuff for kids with PA but it looked more like boys stuff so I created the Princess line. It has sayings like "Peanut Free Princess" and "No Peanuts For This Princess". I have had alot of parents tell me how much their daughter's love them.

I also have new stuff with sayings like "Cool Kids Carry Their Epi Pens"!! "Just Like Me"!
"No Peanuts For This Cool Kid"!

Along with other stuff as well. My niece wants to wear her shirt everyday lol. My website is at [url="http://www.cafepress.com/bjortandcompany"]http://www.cafepress.com/bjortandcompany[/url] if you are interested in seeing it. Also, if you don't see something and want it made just let me know. Anything to get our kids to wear the stuff.

Kelly H

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