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Prevalence of peanut & tree nut allergy published Apr 99 JACI

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By Mary on Mon, 04-12-99, 23:40

The study published in The Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology, April 1999, and as also reported in FAN's April Newsletter in reference to peanut and tree nut allergy prevalence can be found at

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By Rhonda McGuiga on Tue, 04-13-99, 00:41

Thanks Mary for the link to the study. It is helpful when convincing those around us of the severity of the condition. You can't dismiss approx. 3 million people now can you.

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By Coco on Tue, 04-13-99, 03:13

Mary thanks to you, we will be so well read that we will have immunologists calling us, to see if we can make it to speak at their conferences. Thanks again for more interesting reading!

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