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By nikosmommy on Sat, 09-30-06, 20:04

My peanut and milk allergic son just started preschool. The school has been on and off supportive about it. They have removed peanuts from his classroom and placed him at a separate table to eat. After being told at the beginning of the year that there would be no food related activities, this week, the class is having a "tasting" activity of sweet, sour, and salty items. I volunteered to bring all of the items for all of the children so they could all taste the same items and everyone would be included in this CLASS activity. However, the teacher has already gotten other items, like cheeze-its, which my son cannot have. Curious as to opinions on this matter and how I should handle it.

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By 3xy1PAinNH on Sun, 10-01-06, 00:14

iN A PREschool environment where your child does not yet have all the capabilities to protect himself or speak for himself or understand the seriousness of his allergies, I would demand that the allergic items NOT be used in the class. And I am NOT an extreme mom by any means when it comes to exposures for my PA son(ie, he does outside activities, goes to Fairs and places peanuts are present...as long as I AM THERE!).

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By pitterpat on Tue, 10-03-06, 15:27

My dd's teacher did this and carefully selected things dd could have. There is no reason that it can't be done so the teacher shouldn't care if you bring alternatives. She should understand the importance and can take her $2 box of Cheeze-itz home, right?

DD's teacher used
sweet - changed from m&ms to kissables
sour - changed from lemon heads to lemonade
salty - lays potato chip
bitter - tollhouse semi-sweet chips

I know I am blessed to have a super-caring and careful teacher. I hope yours is receptive!


mom to
Sara (7/02) allergic to pn, grass, trees
Julia (9/04) asthma and allergic to eggs? & nuts? (no testing, just reactions)

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By hopechapel on Fri, 10-20-06, 05:08

Well, I think the problem is that the allergy requires vigilance and change and these teachers get impatient or they don't like giving up their old ways of doing things. It is our job to help them grow. Help this teacher know that there are other salty things in the world other than cheez-its.

I think you have to call her and compliment her alot -- tell her how much your son loves her class, yadda yadda. Then drop the bomb. Can you change from chhez its to saltines? You've already bought them. No prob. You'll buy them off her. Wow does son love preschool! She is just such a great teacher..

This wasnt my tactic. I just told my teacher that my son says she always yells at him. Now she's buying huumus without going through me first.

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