Prenatal vitamins

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By mom0810 on Fri, 05-25-07, 01:20

I read on here somewhere that some prenatal vitamins have peanut oil in them. Which ones? Is it clearly listed in the ingredients? I have read my bottle of them and don't see anything. I am afraid to take them now. [img][/img]

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By Adele on Fri, 05-25-07, 01:43

Hi mom0810, I just googled "prenatal vitamins" + "peanut oil" and quite a few websites came up that listed peanut oil as an ingredient in their prenatal vitamins.

I would buy the vitamins from a pharmacy and have the pharmacist check the label....then call the manufacturer to be sure.

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By krasota on Fri, 05-25-07, 15:40

I use Citracal prenatal Rx. Soy-free, peanut-free, gluten-free, papaya-free.



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By carpediem on Thu, 08-30-07, 08:00

With my PA child, I used Nature Made while TTC, during pregnancy and nursing. I think it was probably when I went to get them again for baby #2 that I realized they had Peanut oil in them.

Since our second baby would be high-risk, I used Target brand and called of course and was told they were free of and cross-contam. free of PN/TN.

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By carpediem on Thu, 08-30-07, 08:02

P.S. Congratulations!

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By karenlind on Thu, 08-30-07, 20:20

I have taken Natelle E-Z in the past and they assured me that they were completely peanut free. Always a good idea to double check in case anything has changed.

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