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By KUStudent on Tue, 06-06-06, 18:03

Hi PA families!

A while ago I had posted a message looking for participants for a questionnaire-based study of children with PA and their families. I presented the preliminary results at the National Conference on Child Health in April.

A copy of the poster is available (I am not able to attach it here) by e-mail for anyone who is interested.

The data is based on 37 families, many who learned about the study from this website.

Here are some highlights from the discussion section:
"In this study of a small group of children with peanut allergy, parental responses indicated a relationship between several variables pertaining to their child

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By luvmyboys on Wed, 06-07-06, 02:21

my ds is 6 in september..if you're still doing the study then =)

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By jtolpin on Wed, 06-07-06, 14:08

Caitlin was 6 in April 06. If you're looking for someone, LMK.


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By ajas_folks on Thu, 06-08-06, 00:00

Happy to help -- have 7 1/2 year old PA son.
Please feel free to e-mail me at contact in my profile.


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By Corvallis Mom on Sat, 06-10-06, 22:05

We participated before... becuase of flyers that you were handing out at a meeting our allergist was attending. [img][/img]

My daughter was only 5 at the time but is now almost 7.
We would be happy to participate again if you'll have us...

Just e-mail me in my profile.

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By kandomom on Sun, 06-11-06, 03:45

DD is 10. I too am willing to participate. Hope to hear from you soon!



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By KUStudent on Mon, 06-12-06, 19:34

Quote:Originally posted by kandomom:
[b]DD is 10. I too am willing to participate. Hope to hear from you soon![/b]
I was going to e-mail you, but you have that function disabled? I just need your mailing address and I can send you a packet.



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By KUStudent on Mon, 06-12-06, 19:35

Quote:Originally posted by luvmyboys:
[b]my ds is 6 in september..if you're still doing the study then =)[/b]

I will still be doing the study until the Spring. So anyone who has little ones about to turn 6 I can have you participate once they do.


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By Sirimon on Wed, 06-14-06, 03:33

My daughter will turn 6 in October. Please send me an email around then so we can participate.


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By Dani's Mom on Tue, 06-27-06, 20:42

You're welcome to contact me if you are still looking for participants. My daughter is almost 7.

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By Timmysmom on Wed, 06-28-06, 00:46

My son will be 7 in August, if you need more volunteers.

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By Gilli011 on Wed, 06-28-06, 00:53

Hi, my daughter wil be 6 in Aug. if you need participants.
Cheers, Gilli

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By cynde on Wed, 06-28-06, 02:49

We participated in your study originally, and are willing to do it again if that helps.



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By beagle on Fri, 06-30-06, 06:45

We are willing to participate. My son is 11, we don't live in US though!

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By Jimmy's mom on Fri, 06-30-06, 11:40

We'll do it. DS is 7 1/2.



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By Munchkin's Mom on Fri, 06-30-06, 19:18

My DS is 7 1/2. We'd be happy to participate.

Lori [img][/img]

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By KUStudent on Sat, 07-01-06, 03:24

Thank you to everyone who has volunteered!

Some of you have volunteered but your e-mail is not available through your profile, so I am having trouble contacting you. If you have this disabled you can contact me with your mailing address at [email][/email]

And to the international members, I can send the packets internationally to Canada only (I only have so many funds for the project [img][/img])

FYI: I just received a grant from the Food Allergy Initiative to complete the project, which greatly increases my chances of getting enough participants to publish the study! More info on this later.


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By Jimmy's mom on Thu, 07-13-06, 17:10

We finished it yesterday, and it's sitting in the mailbox waiting for the mailman. It served 2 purposes for us--besides helping you, it was also practice reading/writing for DS during summer vacation [img][/img] .



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By KUStudent on Wed, 07-19-06, 16:33

It served 2 purposes for us--besides helping you, it was also practice reading/writing for DS during summer vacation [img][/img] .[/B][/quote]

I am glad that it was helpful [img][/img]


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By NCMom on Wed, 07-19-06, 18:12

My son is 6 and we'll be glad to participate.

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