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Prednisone advice please

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By Nicole1401 on Wed, 07-09-03, 19:35

I have at least temporarily given up trying to find an allergist who specializes in peanut allergies so I am counting on you guys to helpme out here.
How effective and reliable is prednisone in preventing a biphasic reaction? Let's say that my dd has a mild reaction due to cross contamination and we successfully treat her with benadryl. We give her prednisone and put her to bed an hour or 2 after her exposure. Should we be comfortable with that? Without the prednisone, I think I would stay awake staring at her. With it, could I just sleep next to her and be confident she would not have a second reaction?

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By tgab on Wed, 07-09-03, 20:46

I'm sorry, I can't exactly answer your question. My dd has had one severe reaction so far, and it was from actually ingesting a bite of peanut butter. She was given epi in the ER and sent home on Benedryl and Prednisone, and everything was fine. I think if you are talking a couple of hives, then your child will most likely be fine. However, if the reaction was more severe I wouldn't rely on Benedryl and Prednisone alone. As far as I know Prednisone doesn't prevent a reaction.

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