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By paul on Fri, 09-22-00, 16:17

powerade contains coconut oil; what is coconut oil's relation to peanut allergy?

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By mom2two on Fri, 09-22-00, 16:43

coconuts are actually fruits, not nuts. Of course, some people are allergic to coconuts but I think that is as far as the relationship goes.

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By Lola Fulton on Mon, 05-20-13, 05:33

There’s no connection with this. Yes it is a fruit and I guess you can’t get allergy on it.

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By Christine Ristow on Wed, 05-22-13, 20:59

There are some people with multiple allergies who are allergic to peanuts and coconuts, but that's just a coincidence as far as I'm aware. The thing to watch out for would be coconut oil made in a facility with peanut products also.

By fLeiker71 on Thu, 07-18-13, 09:16

Coconut is a good fruit and it is good for the body however peanut if you are allergic to it you can get rashes. SO better know what you are allergic at.

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By Libski0428 on Thu, 07-18-13, 16:27

My daughter is allergic to peanuts, coconuts, and all tree nuts. Yes coconuts are a fruit and peanuts are not actually a nut, they are a bean.

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