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post from someone that does not \"get\" peanut allergy

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By C on Wed, 07-30-08, 17:21


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By gw_mom3 on Wed, 07-30-08, 17:37

I couldn't read his entire long-winded post but it appears that he thinks the allergic should just be 'selectively reduced'? So that he can eat his trail mix? What a tool.

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By MommyOfTwo on Wed, 07-30-08, 19:57

He just goes on and on in his ignorance. Just a typical example of someone who has no experience with FA's and is too lazy to do any research.

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By mom2landz on Fri, 08-01-08, 18:04

couldn't find it. deleted?

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By MommyOfTwo on Fri, 08-01-08, 19:44

Maybe he got too many complaints and got rid of it? Weird.

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