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Possible vacation destinations?

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By MaryLynn on Sun, 01-02-00, 19:06

Does anyone have any info about taking young PA children to Pirates Cove in VT.? or to the Bahamas?

Already thinking summer!

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By PattyR on Tue, 01-04-00, 00:21

I am glad you started this topic. I am planning long term too and would like to find a place that won't be too challenging. I don't have any information regarding your vacation spots but would like some suggestions as well. We are thinking of a trip to Europe in a couple of years. Does anyone know much about Italy? I feel like it would be a pretty safe choice since so much Olive Oil is used. Has anyone been there?

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By pagirl22 on Fri, 01-21-00, 01:51

I too was wondering about traveling to places outside the U.S., such as Europe. My husband (who has been there a couple of times) says there are lots of McDonald's over there...but I don't know if they use the same ingredients as the ones here in the U.S.?

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By redtruck on Mon, 01-24-00, 04:25

Hi all, my 4yr old daughter is PA as we just found out this past year. We are looking to vacation perhaps in Bahamas for a week this year. Does anyone have any thoughts, experiences etc on this?
In response to other travel destinations mentioned, such as Italy and Europe, I do know that Italy does not use peanuts very much at all, you can hardly even find peanut butter, but they do use hazelnuts, and almonds in their cakes, pastries and ice creams. General foods like pasta, pizza, meats, etc. are fairly safe however, we often dine at Italian restaurants here without problem, and only stay away from deserts.

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By Gwen Thornberry on Mon, 01-24-00, 17:10

Hi pagirl

I'm not too sure about the rest of Europe, but here in Ireland (and probably UK too), I can eat McDonalds without any problems - although I'm not sesame or soy allergic. Any *special* food items which are not usually on the menu (for promotions etc) will always state if it contains nuts.

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By brenda on Tue, 01-25-00, 03:40

I don't personally know how accurate this is, but I have heard from someone who visits Switzerland that they are very food allergy aware and that their resturants post alot of information on what/if food allergens are present in the meals.

Also, know of a nanny from Norway who still writes to the family who she worked for in the US to mail her peanut butter because they don't have it in Norway...so maybe they don't use peanuts either (don't know about other nuts).

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By Tiger on Fri, 03-17-00, 13:23

We have visited England, Turkey and Greece and the Caribbean area with our PA daughter. England was the best -- many restaurants, in London at least, had food allergy warnings at the bottom of the menus. Unfortunately they didn't mention peanuts but when questioned they were always very helpful. Turkey and Greece were frightening because of the language problem but knowing they use mainly olive oil helped. We are visiting Germany and Austria this summer so I'll post experiences when we return. Travel anywhere is frightening but PA is considered a lifetime allergy and we can't be a prisoner in our homes!

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