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Possible reaction (small one) at dance after airborne exposure

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By McCobbre on Sun, 11-19-06, 01:12

If so, this would be a different type of reaction than DS has had before.

DS had a long rehearsal today for a production he's in. I typically stay near for these extra rehearsals but didn't today. An epi stays in the office. We train the studio owner/instructor a couple of times per year (because there are also very closed dress rehearsals immediately before a production at the performance hall it's improtant others know how to administer). And today (and at the closed rehearsal and performance) one of the moms who happens to be a school nurse at the school in our town w/ the second highest number of PA kids was there throughout rehearsal (and she's quite informed about PA).

That said, I came back to the studio during the break to give DS a snack (apples). I saw him in the front waiting area of the studio, where he had been playing with two friends during the break. After he had a few apple wedges I noticed a PB open faced sandwich or bagel on a table next to them. DS saw it, too, and went back to the studio. I noticed a little redness on the back of his neck as he walked away, but it didn't necessarily look like a hive--more like he'd been rubbing it.

I wish at that point I had given him a Triaminic strip, but rehearsal started up again. I stayed for about 30 minutes and watched him, and he seemed fine.

I was tempted to throw the sandwich away but didn't--it was someone else's food. But I wish I had.

I had to run to Sam's to buy some safe pecans for Thanksgiving (can only get them there--Young Pecans--he can eat pecans, and we let him occasionally), and when I got back, rehearsal was over. I was happy to see that DS and the other boys were playing outside.

But I noticed that DS' right eye was red and swollen, and the right side of his face was a bit flushed.

The PB sandwich inside was gone. [img]http://uumor.pair.com/nutalle2/peanutallergy/smile.gif[/img]

When I noticed his eye, one of the boys he was playing with said, "There was a peanut butter sandwich next to us earlier." I thanked him for looking out for DS. Really, I was impressed he put 2+2 together--he's also 8.

I had one Triaminic strip in my purse. I normally travel with a small vial of benadryl but changed purses and didn't include my medicine zipper pouch for some reason. Ugh. I gave the Triaminic strip to DS and asked his dance teacher to get the Epi kit that DH had brought that stays in the office. She did--DH didn't include benadryl!!

There is a drugstore next door, so I bought some benadryl, gave some to DS, and things cleared up within a few minutes. Before that, he was sneezing a bit and congested.

I know this is a long post, but a few more notes: his airborne exposures have typically involved asthma or in the case of a Southwest plane ride hives and flushing on belly and face (in the past we've done a one hour flight every once in a while with lots of precautions to grandparents'--only way there--like once every year or two).

If this was a reaction, it was the first with a swollen eye.

There is eating at this dance studio, but I don't usually see peanut products there. Really--I can only think of one other time in three years that I have. It's his first reaction (if it was one). The studio in Dallas was peanut free--and food free actually. But the dancers (and we're not talking little girls here) spend a lot of time at the studio in our current town. They practically live there. And they eat.

I have been worried about a contact reaction from the barre, but not really from having food in the studio--more from eating prior to arrival.

This does concern me, though. The owners might put up signs if I requested, but they couldn't police the place--they're in class teaching. They keep food out of the classroom studios themselves.

DS seems fine now. I've been watching him. We've not taken any risks. At the drugstore he wanted a Hershey bar, but it looked awfully close to peanutty things, so I said no.

Okay--long enough post. I just don't like this so close to the closed rehearsal later this week when I won't be with him (I'll be parked in my car outside the peformance hall). Still . . . .

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By Chicago on Sun, 11-19-06, 02:04

Since this is such a different reaction, and seemed to be so delayed after being near the PB, maybe it is a EA thing? Theater backstage areas are often dusty and if there is a prop shop, sawdust, paint, glue etc... could be around.

The swollen eye sort of sounds to me like a EA thing.

And I understand about the purses, last time I switched, I did not move my Drivers license and did not notice until I was at the dealership trying to get a loaner car, DAYS later.

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By starlight on Sun, 11-19-06, 03:01

My first thought was environmental also. Is there a stage set up in the studio? I was involved in theater throughout my childhood, and let me tell you, there was DUST everywhere. So much that the air is musty. No one ever takes the curtains down to clean them, or cleans the seating for the audience. There are old clothes all around from costumes, and powdered makeup everywhere. Paint fumes from the sets constantly being repainted. And then there's the lovely smoke machine that is just the smelliest thing ever. Not to mention, you go through "warm ups" which usually involve lying on the floors for exercises, that more than likely haven't seen a broom in years.

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By McCobbre on Sun, 11-19-06, 03:13

Could be EA, but the rehearsal today was at the studio, not the performance hall (and the hall was built this year--so later this week when it is there, lots of dust shouldn't be an issue, thankfully).

One of the studios is huge, and they can do a full production rehearsal in there, which is what they did today. The PB was in the waiting area, and DS was right next to it during the break.

I was thinking during dinner just now that if it was indeed a reaction, it might not be airborne but contact.

He's not had a contact reaction. Only once has he had contact with PB. Last year he stuck his finger in PB (long story) and DH removed the PB immediately, cutting fingernails and scrubbing vigorously with lots of soap. No reaction then.

But I was wondering today if that's what this was--maybe he touched something that the PB eater had touched? I don't know. It was just out in the open there.

And it could have been nothing. [i]It's just that his face was flushed, too.[/i] That's what made me think it was the PB and a reaction.

Good thing is that he's fine. And he was fine then, too. I was concerned at the time, but his symptoms weren't urgent ones. And he responded to diphenhydramine.

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By Greenlady on Sun, 11-19-06, 03:56

I think if he picked up peanut residue on his hands and rubbed his eye, that would explain the reaction. Not exactly a contact reaction, since the eye is more vulnerable than skin.

I think it was definitely a reaction of some sort, since the benedryl cleared it up.

Hope he's feeling okay now!

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By Daisy on Sun, 11-19-06, 04:18

Agreeing with Greenlady. Perhaps a slight contact reaction. Glad he is ok!

But, now for Mommy...how very naughty of you to not have more Benadryl with you in light of your *own* reactions. Please go buy extra strips and put a pack in all of your purses. [i] And I can only chastise you because it is something I have done myself. [/i]

Take care,

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By Corvallis Mom on Sun, 11-19-06, 05:53

How awful. I agree with Greenlady-- this sounds a lot more like a typical residue reaction from being rubbed in an eye.

We've seen the same flushing, facial swelling, and nasal symptoms from that sort of thing. From situations that are purely aerosol exposures, it always starts with either nasal symptoms, tearing, and itching on exposed skin or with asthma and neurological symptoms (for a prolonged low-level exposure).

Hard to imagine that there wasn't residue elsewhere on the table with the darned thing sitting out like that. ack.

Glad he's okay-- now you just need to get yourself some more strips for your purse and some liquor minis for that closed rehearsal, huh? [img]http://uumor.pair.com/nutalle2/peanutallergy/wink.gif[/img] Seriously-- hang in there.

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By Peg541 on Sun, 11-19-06, 06:58

Remember that people are more likely to react if they are exposed after exercise. I think no one knows why but that is a fact. I'll bet the dance was strenuous and hastened/heightened an airborne reaction.
I'm glad your son is OK and all these experiences can be learning ones. Once we get over the experience itself.

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By McCobbre on Sun, 11-19-06, 15:22

Quote:Originally posted by Daisy:
[b]Agreeing with Greenlady. Perhaps a slight contact reaction. Glad he is ok!

But, now for Mommy...how very naughty of you to not have more Benadryl with you in light of your *own* reactions. Please go buy extra strips and put a pack in all of your purses. [i] And I can only chastise you because it is something I have done myself. [/i]

Take care,

Agree, agree. And Peg--the exercise thing--yes, I hadn't thought of that, but remember it now that you mention it. How interesting.

We've been using the Triaminic strips like extra allergy medicine when we've been out this last week and not able to get by the pharmacy to pick his RX up. I know, I know.

Bad mommy.

But that's why I only had one.

Now, at the drugstore, DS really, really wanted to buy the new benadryl strips. The kids are the 12.5 mg and $6.99, and the adults are at the higher dose and cheaper. He liked the taste and was able to open it [i]without[/i] scissors. There's a little notch.

I adore the Triaminic strips but bought some of the adult Benadryl strips to have on my person for a metered higher dose for myself.

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By Gail W on Sun, 11-19-06, 17:18

Hi McCobbre,

Mariah has this type of reaction with fair frequency (about a handful a year). We've always presumed that it was PB residue on her hand (from who knows where) that she rubbed on her face/eyes.

I know it sounds very basic, but it took us a while to figure out that the very first thing we have her do is wash her hands really well. Then benedryl, and a cold compress (washcloth) on her eye(s). We also keep on hand a Visine product called "Tears" that seems to help her a lot.

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By NCMom on Mon, 11-20-06, 02:40

I have seen the swollen eyes many times. Mostly with my oldest son who has many environmental allergies but also reacts to medications. The swollen eyes have always been in response to medication. We lovingly call him Rocky, Jr. All 4 of the doctors in our practice came in to see him the first time I brought him in like that.

My youngest, who we just found out is allergic to pistachios and cashews, had the same swollen eye following his reaction to the pistachios (after the vomiting and hives on his face around his lips). It was only the one eye and he had hives all around it first before it swelled almost shut. Benedryl took care of the hives but the swelling remained for two days and he was on prednisone for those two days.

I'm sorry to hear about the reaction and the eye swelling is definitely a reaction to something. Could be he touched his eye after he touched something that had peanut residue. My PA son is in the middle and his only reactions have been respiratory (unfortunately very severe). Good luck with your search for answers. I feel like we're all detectives in this world!

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