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Possible link between allergies and anitbiotics

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By Lovey on Wed, 05-26-04, 17:05


From the University of Michigan Health System :

Antibiotics alter GI tract microbes and increase lung sensitivity to allergens

Study could help explain increasing rates of asthma, allergies and inflammatory diseases

Allergies making your life miserable? Tired of popping antihistamines like candy? Can't go anywhere without your inhaler? The real problem may not be your stuffed-up head. It could be the microbes in your gut.

At the American Society for Microbiology meeting held here this week, scientists from the University of Michigan Medical School will present results of experiments with laboratory mice indicating that antibiotic-induced changes in microbes in the gastrointestinal tract can affect how the immune system responds to common allergens in the lungs.

''We all have a unique microbial fingerprint

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